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what's the scoop on dynamic DNS


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Does it work? Is it adequate with respect to meta tags and search engines and shit? Where is the cheapest place to get it for a domain name?
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I used dyndns.org for a while when I ran my own mailserver/webserver at home. Very reliable, and now most home NAT routers support it within thier configuration (at least my Linksys stuff does) so it's almost idiot proof.

DynDNS was $10/domain IIRC.

TZO is another dDNS solution.

oh toro

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as long as references to your server(s) is done through URLs and not IP address(es), there should be no difference. dynamic dns is used in situations where there is a need to assign an fqdn to a dynamically assigned IP address host. when the IP address changes, dns is updated "dynamically".

dyndns.org is a dns hosting provider that offers dynamic dns hosting (in addition to "regular" dns). personally, i like them as dns hosting is all they do and their servers are geographically well distributed around the planet. if you're using dynamic dns, you'll need a provider such as dyndns.org as domain registrars and isps don't offer such a service (afaik).