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what's the movie biz like?


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anyone in here work with film/video production? is there an "indie film in toronto" site or something?


cha rles


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maybe if you're in the bloor and st george area, you could trek down to Innis college on the U of T campus. They offer a lot of film studies courses there and there are always a bunch of flyers and such going around and notices taped to the walls.

it's possible that you could even ask someone around the building for advice.


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liason for independent filmmakers of toronto.
lift offers plenty of workshops for all aspects of film production.
send me an email with some specifics regarding your interests and things and i'll help you if i can...


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I just finished shooting an indie film which I wrote and co-produced... granted we just did on a wing and a prayer and a shoestring budget, so I don't know if I'd be any help to you, (but hey, the footage looks great!) but if you want to email me any questions or anything, I'd surely answer.

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thanks for your response!

Ok, I've sent the email, visited the site...

Gotta keep busy while I'm here! Not working is getting to me.




I work in the film industry. Right now I'm doing location support and security which is pretty much the lowest of the low.... but I get paid to do nothing, so that's cool.

the only dowside is the hours. You work a lot of them. At least 12 a day, but working so many hours the money gets good. especially if you're union.

www.mandy.com has lots of industry job listings.
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