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what's the most you would pay for jeans?


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including tax, i just spent $126.50 for a nice pair of black, Silver flared jeans. it's not easy finding flared jeans for guys. i don't feel good about it but i think i'm going to keep them.

what's the most you would pay a pair of jeans??
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you should feel good about it.

I think I've paid just under $200

although I know some other Tribers can beat that by far.



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I've found some of my favorite Jeans on Sale for like $60 at Pantorama in Dixie Value Mall

If on Queen St. I'm guaranteed at least $90 or more but well worth it for a good fit :)
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I've payed $300 for a pair of jeans but that was a long time ago.

now I wouldn't pay more than $150 for a pair ($200 if they were something spectacular)


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$126 is fine,

I'd pay up to $300 if they were amazing... like good Miss Sixtys or S7evens

I spend an average of $100 per pair of pants.

jus me

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These past few years I have not paid over 50$ + tax on jeans. I usually find them on sale.

However, if I found a pair that were perfect...I'd say my limit would be 120.
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I'd probably pay up to about $300 depending on how truly great the jeans were.

the most I've paid so far was $270 for a pair of Sevens.
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don't stress.... $126 is perfectly okay.... i buy sevens so usually i pay minimum $225 for my jeans.....

do if you love them... feel good about your purchase :D


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When I was in Vancouver my sales rep took me into a clothing store called State of Mind. The fashion stylist lady convinced me to buy a $200 pair of jenes. I wore them once. :(


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i've paid in the triple digits before, but through out the years i've learned that if i cant find them for ~$50 dollars then i dont need them that bad.

but with hookups, you dont usually run into such problems...

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If I thought that I would stay the same size for more than 6 weeks, I'd probably spend up to $250 on the perfect pair.


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for jeans?

the most?


i am into designer jeans.... rip off IMO.
well, unless you are girl... but for a guy... sorry more than $100.00 for jeans.. too much.
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