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What's the deal with the Philippines?


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Coup attempt? I thought it was stable down there - except for the occasional mudslide.
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If I'm not mistaken there have been three attempts since 1989.

One against Corazon Aquino, one against Estrada and the one today.

In all cases the military was behind it, although the '89 one was Ferdinand Marcos loyalists who happened to be in the army.


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i would think it would be extremely difficult to maintain a stable centralized government in a nation of islands especially as large as the philippines
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yes, the philipenese is very poor, and corrupt, its army keeps any leaders in perpetual fear of take over. similar to what happened in Costa rica until the president essentially disolved it.

but the military has US backing so its not going anywhere.

philipense is very unstable and always has been, but its not big news tyep nation. you dont hear much until muslim rebels start threatening action in the south. there is a huge al-queda presence in the south and balucan.

i dont think the philipense has ever really been stable since WW2, its pratically a 3rd world nation outside of a few spots.

hiopefully things calm down there before it gets ugly.