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what's the connection?


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I notice alot of people on this board mention a club called system. What's the connection to tribe?

Do people here hang out there often?

Are these places owned by the same people?

had to ask...
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because we are "all a bunch of mindless ball lickers who have no ear for sound and like a shitty decor..."
right kyfe?? :p:D

I do like it there ... but it is what it is.
I usually have a good time.
and they bring in some sweet talent :)
System is a'ight!!


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you're from out of town right?

system soundbar is a club. tribe is a magazine. the relationship between those two entities is somewhat antagonistic due to a history of advertising issues and infringements.

that said, a lot of people on the tribe message board have bad taste in music, they like to listen to a really boring form of trance called 'progressive' which is often featured on fridays at system. despite repeatedly getting screwed out of guestlist privileges, harassed by security and the simply awful sound setup at system, they keep going back, like sheep. sometimes i go too. :confused:

bah bah baaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaah. :D
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yeah it's a club at which the promoters for '*reathe' bring in a lot of progressive type djs. big names, big hype, lots of trannies. i don't recall there being many tribers as regular patrons way back when i first started going, then again i wasn't on tribe at the time so i wouldnt know. mark scaife, matt (the superstar dj destroyer) coleridge are the residents and bedrock/yoshitoshi whore luke fair also once upon a time played in the back room.