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what's the big deal with Metrosound?


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Really? Why is it getting so much hype?

It drops ok but there are a billion tunes that wipe the floor with it.

The breaks are very Bad Co style and not really exciting.

The only thing i like is the 'Metrosound' vocal snippet and the few Metropolis samples...

Metropolis stands head and shoulders above it and deserves a better retooling than this...(anyone ever heard Doc Scott's remix?)

It's mad to see people shell out 25-30 pounds for the promo on Ebay even though it's due out in a few weeks.



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c'mon, its a pretty decent floor-tune, ya gotta admit. But i do agree its getting a bit too much hype.......maybe 3 or 4 months ago when i first heard the dub i was really hyped, but hey.....

I think the main reason why its getting so much publicity is because its Adam's first dip back into drum & bass since his hip-hop excursion....that and the hint of metropolis, which will always get peeps going....

But was it made to be a sort of remake of Metropolis? I just figured they used the intro samples......if it is indeed supposed to be a 'remix', then they could have done a better job, i do agree.

I take this tune as a strictly dance-floor-guaranteed-to-make-everyone-bounce tune. And it does that.

Wouldn't mind hearing that Scotty remix, Metropolis is definitely in my All-time Top 5.


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ok, i admit it does some damage...but i know Adam F is capable of much better...i guess if it was by someone like Bad Co or even J Majik (sorta like Lizard/Tell me) i'd be cool with it...

Metropolis is one big reason why i got into drum 'n bass....

I missed Adam F's presence in the jungle community.


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I hated the tune the first time I heard it. Thought it was a Nitrous rip-off (exact same drum kit and speed). It grew on me a bit, but like most intended floor-killers, it wears thin over time.
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It's out next week... and I agree it's way overhyped. But I'm interested to see what's on the picture disc.

As for good releases out now... definitely check out the new Nos (Hidden Agenda) thing on Dispatch, the a-side 'Simpatico' is excellent and the Polar remix of 'Culture' on the flip is even better. Deep and wicked... as is the new Polar and John Tejada single on Pieter K's label Metaformal. Class tunes!


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Originally posted by Vise
It's out next week... and I agree it's way overhyped. But I'm interested to see what's on the picture disc.

Yeah, i'll pick it up for the picture disc.

It's not a bad tune... just taking too much attention for it's own good.

Nebu kad

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i've never thought that tune was that special.

it's just cause of the tramen that gets everyone hyped.

the tramen, on a side note, in my opinion is played. Of course you could argue that the amen is played, but i would say that it's different, cause it's architectonic.