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What's the best mobile provider?


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Frig, My employer just improved cellular access in our building (elevators, underground parking, in building etc) for Rogers clients. Rogers provides the bulk of our network service. Sadly I'm with Telus and the service is spotty at best.


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I'd be with Wind in a heartbeat just for their current $49 for everything promo they have going on. Unlimited data, calling, etc.

The only problem is that becomes irrelevant if you're not in one of their 'zones' and are roaming. Then it becomes a shit show.

Unfortunately I'm not within their service area and travel to places (namely the cottage) that aren't either. My mom is with Wind and often annoyed by their 'lack' of service because she's having to turn off her data, which renders her phone sort of useless by today's standards.

My $87/month for 4GB data and everything else unlimited with Rogers (off of two shared lines) seems criminal. I was looking going back into contract with them and they can't get it lower. I even spoke to retention and they couldn't do anything better. NUTS!


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Bell is the same way.
$105 for 4 gb, all inclusive for the other stuff. insane. i can understand how prices for phones were raised ( on contract ) because it went from 3 to 2 years...but how can they justify jacking rates when nothing changes switching between 3 to 2 year contracts except the phone price. the service doesn't get better, or worse...it stays the same...but the price goes way up.

my $65 for 6 gig and 200 minutes was a dream, but no matter what i tried saying or doing, they wouldn't let me keep it.
so i go from 6 to 4 gig, but gain all inclusive calls.

how is that a strain on the system ?

Bernnie Federko

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I thought that the Conservative government fixed that ;)

<-- not looking forward to paying 900 bucks upfront for a phone next time around just to keep my 6gb plan


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with the 3 year plans, cost of top phones was around 800.
800 / 36 = 22 per month, just for phone.
my 6 gig @ $65 plan minus 22 for phone = 33 per month, to cover said plan.

2 year plan, cost of top phone is around 900.
900 / 24 = 38 per month, just for phone.
4 gig all inclusive plan @ 105 minus 38 for phone = 67 per month, to cover said plan.

the plan prices doubled, and that's not even taking in consideration of the phone cost, which is already factored in.


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Two year contracts maximum you say? Well lets just 'cover the cost of the phone' and factor that into finding more ways to increase pricing.

I wish the CRTC would regulate the fuck out of this industry. It's price gouging. Any time the CRTC tries to fight for the consumer, these muppets find loopholes to somehow invent mythical charges.

Look, I know Canada is a big country with low population density compared to say European, Asian or American standards, but this isn't right. The big three are clearly in collusion with each other.

Networks haven't been near capacity in years. They've built out the infrastructure to handle huge amounts of bandwidth now and they've got all of that up and running in the standard corridors. I realize it's not cheap to run a mobile network, but lets face it - the big three have it down to a science and it's not like they're having to massively upgrade networks like they did going from 3G to 4G. As far as I'm aware 4G is going to be the standard for quite some time. So what are we really paying for? We're paying for the right to maintain said networks and operating costs. When you consider the number of mobile subscribers in the country and the fact that Bell and Telus share parts of the same network, it's hardly rocket science to figure out just how much these companies are raking in terms of profit.

I'm normally all for the free market and all of that, but this is one industry I'd happily see more government regulation.... At the very least, if they can't drive prices down they force these companies to further build out their infrastructure to cover the entire country - which they clearly aren't doing.