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What's Inside Your Fridge?


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Post a pic or just describe what's in there.

Condiments of varying ages (Ketchup, Relish, Etc)
Imperial Cheddar Cheese tub
Raw Steak on a plate
Rave Sauce (from South Africa)
Maple Sausages
A bottle of Rev from 1998
A bottle of palm oil


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what I can think of off hand - probably missing a few things

500g Extra Old Cheddar
200g Goat Beemster
2L Natrel 2%
500ml Lactose Free Sour Cream
500ml Heavy Cream
10 Eggs
1L Heinz Ketchup
2Lbs of Butter
250ml Organic Grainy Mustard
250ml Honey Mustard (prepared)
1 Cup homemade Ketchup
1 Cup Homemade "Big Mac Sauce"
1 Cup homemade Balchao Curry
1 Cup home made green Curry paste
1 Cup home made Red Curry Paste
1 Cup home made ranch dressing
350ml jar of Greek Feta buttermilk Dressing
500ml Jar of homemade sweet tomato relish
500ml Jar of Spicy Fermented string beans
2L of Pork bone stock
Jar of demi-glaze
1L Dill Pickels
1L Mayo
1L Maple Syrup
2L Soy Milk
1L Squeeze bottle of simple Syrup
500ml Squeeze bottle Ginger Simple Syrup
2.6L Orange Juice
1 Jar of Organic Natural PB
1 Jar of homemade Marmalade
1 Bottle Black bean Sauce
1 Bottle Hoisin Sauce
1 Bottle Sriracha
1KG Baby Spinach
1 Head of Broccoli
1 Head of Kale
2 Chineese Eggplant
1 Bag Bok Choi
2 Green peppers
2 Red Peppers
2 Stalks lemongrass
A big chunk of Ginger
2 Sweet Potatoes
1 Bunch Carrots
1 Cucumber
1 package of hot house vine tomatoes
1 Bunch Cilantro
1 Package of Fresh Rosemary
6 Asian Pears
6 Royal Gala apples
2 Pomegranates
2 Oranges
4 Limes
2 Lemons
1Lb Seedless Grapes
1.5Lbs Medium Ground Beef
3 Cup Container of homemade Thai Tom Yum Soup
2cups Mixed stewing veal & chicken gizzards (for my puppy :p)
2 Rubicon sparkling juices
2 Caledonia 80 ales

yep...i cook.
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Goat Beemster is awesome.

I forgot to add a dozen and a half eggs

yeah, its phenomenal. Best hard goat cheese, hands down. (at least since Chèvre Noire's unwaxed)

After getting home, i realised i missed:

1.5 lbs of Bacon
250g spicy Pancetta
Package of Cream Cheese
500ml Tamarind Purée
A Pineapple
Nam Prik (Shrimp in Chili oil)
1L Lemon Juice
500ml Lime Juice
Container of leftover Chana & Rice


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Red peppers
Green peppers
Reg mustard
Organic Dijon mustard
So delicious unsweetened coconut milk
Almond hazelnut butter
Whole cooked chicken from deli (half eaten)
Organic raspberry jam
Lots of eggs - whole and whites
Couple of Zevia sodas
Cholua hot sauce
I usually shop as I need it, I try to plan as best I can to reduce spoilage.

Fridge is almost always empty. :)



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Half a mcain frozen pizza and the crusts for the other half. One can of bud light and a hibernating turtle.


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It's deceivingly full. I have roommates and half the time we forget whose is whose. Thus it rots. Kind of smells right now.

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mitsuko souma

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Half a pizza from yesterday, a maki boat, lots of lemon juice, margarine, bag of mini-croissants from Dollarama, 5 Creemore, baking soda, bottled water and mayo.
and at least 6 packets of wasabi because i never eat it.


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Cottage cheese
Greek yogurt
Havarti cheese
Pizza Nova jarred hot peppers
Maple syrup
Dijon mustard
Louisiana hot sauce
Tabasco sauce
Red peppers
Ground beef
Oyster sauce
Chimay Blue
St. Bernardus Abt 12
Coke Zero
Sprite Zero


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Far too many (mostly expired) bottles of condiments, diet coke, lychee juice, handful of cremini mushrooms, 4 eggs, 1/2 a cuke, butter, box of baking soda.


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Isn't it bad to keep stuff like potatoes, ginger, apples in the fridge? Is it nit best to keep that stored somewhere dry and dark.? Apples and tomatoes I guess just hanging out room temp?
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Isn't it bad to keep stuff like potatoes, ginger, apples in the fridge? Is it nit best to keep that stored somewhere dry and dark.? Apples and tomatoes I guess just hanging out room temp?
Potatoes and Ginger yes, but if you don't have somewhere cool and dark - it's better in the fridge then sitting on the counter where there would likely be much more moisture.

Apples in the Fridge aren't an issue.

Tomatoes are definitely kept better at room temperature. Storing them in the fridge will reduce flavor. But, again, if you're buying a lot and wont be using them for a few days - they're better in the fridge then becoming fruit fly factories on your counter.


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+1 for Beemster, I love everything beemster! :)

I forget what's in my fridge, but I do know that I have 2 cornish hens that were just baked last night sitting in my oven. Gotta get the gf to put them in the fridge...

Lately I've been going to whitehouse meats at St Lawrence and trying all sorts of different types of meats because I'm bored of the same old steak, chicken, ribs, etc.
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Regular mustard plus five different Kozlics varities
Horse radish
Tuna salad
Buffalo chicken dip
Shepherds pie
Orange juice
Ginger ale
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