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whats in your car cd/mp3 right now?


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James Blunt - back to bedlam
the Doves - lost souls
Nic Fanculli WMC essential mix
We are Scientists - with love and squalor
The Smiths - greatest hits
and some Bob marley - Rastaman Vibration and Bob vs Lee Scratch Perry

now that the weather is sweet what do you like to roll to?

Ditto Much

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U2 - How to Dismantel and Atom Bomb
Beth Orton - Comfort of strangers
Jazzanova - The remixes
The Herbalizer - Something Wicked this way comes
The Pixies - Doolittle


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Snow Patrol
Death Cab
DJ Funk
My Chemical Romance
Bad Boy Bill
Taking Back Sunday
Bob Marley
2Wars promo CD
Hawthorne Heights
and an old Marty McFly tape I ripped to my player


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-Pink Floyd's 30th Anniversary of the Dark Side of the Moon

-Black Sabbath 1970-1978

-Angels and Airwaves: We Don't Need to Whisper

-Arctic Monkeys: Whatever People Say I am....

-Green Day: Dookie

-Switch: 2004 Essential Mix

- JOhn Lennon: Imagine

-Foo Fighters: In Your Honour Discs 1&2

-Eminem: Curtain Call

- JOhn Digweed from 1/10/04

- Foo FIghters: The Colour & the Shape

- Oasis: Don't Believe the truth

-Cream: The Very best of

-Oasis: Heathen Chemistry

-The Police: Synchronicity

-Led Zeppelin 2

-John Mayer: Room for Squares

-Queen: Greatest Hits

& a bunch of other shit....
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Current rotation in my IPod

U2 - Entire library....

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

Dance Department - podcasts

Pete Tong - tongcasts (podcasts)

Jay - Z - Blueprint and Black Album

Rage Against the Machine - 1st disc


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1. Abstract Truth - We Had A Thing (Matt's Body & Soul Vocal Mix)
2. Vincent Montana, Jr. & The Philly Sound Orchestra - That's What Love Does (Louis Benedetti's Club Vox)
3. Mark Grant - You R The 1 feat. Russoul (Mark Grant's Original Soul Pass Vocal)
4. Central Avenue - Tell Me
5. Fanatix - Lesson Learned
6. Terri Walker - Whoopsie Daisy (Fanatix Soul Heaven Club Mix)
7. M-Gee feat. Mica Paris - Bodyswerve (Grant Nelson Club Mix)
8. Mark Knight - Non Stop Rock (Non Stop Vocal Mix)
9. Goodfella's - Soul Heaven (Pasta Boys + Bini & Martini Remix)
10. Big Bang Theory - God's Child (John 'Julius' Knight Remix)
11. Shawn Christopher - You Can Make It (B's Preacher-Man Mix)
12. Ian Carey & Mochico - Say What You Want (Ian Carey Vocal)

very nice :)

Boss Hog

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Jenny Lewis - Rabbit Fur Coat
Jon Tremblay - early morning
Dr Funk - Testy Icicles
String Quartet Tribute to U2
Depeche Mode - Remixes
Rheostatics - 2047


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Bacchus - spring hardstyle mix
LKD - IDM mix
Dj Ampz - house mix
Jelo - dj mix
Andy C - dnbarean
isoprax - vilest worker

[except for Andy C - rest are all local dj's :cool:]

mp3 player?
way too much to list.
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Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That

One Be Lo - Project F.E.T.U.S.

People Under The Stairs - Stepfather

A lot of Zero 7...


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Louis Vega's cd he gave me at coachella. i think i must have listened to it 8000 times...its fucking unreal if i could figure out how to post it on here i'd give it to you because i think everyone should own this cd.
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Currently in my Mp3 Player. I try to change my playlist at least 3 times a month.

Arrested Development
Jurassic Five
Sweatshop union
Public Enemy
Desyn M
Roger Sanchez
Radio Head
The Kinks
Beta Band
Boy Least Likely to
Death Cab
Bloc Party
The Streets
Sander K


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Right now (thinking of what I listened to on my ride in)

LCD Soundsystem
The Stills
Zero 7
Sia home made mix
Marc Romboy
John Digweed

I also have a blank cd tower case filled with mixes... Its a permanent fixture in my car, my ipod, we cant even begin...

I think James Blunt sucks.
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for the record this thread is not about james blunt, but feel free to start one if you choose.


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VinylRach said:
Louis Vega's cd he gave me at coachella. i think i must have listened to it 8000 times...its fucking unreal if i could figure out how to post it on here i'd give it to you because i think everyone should own this cd.


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i'm still going buck for the new ghostface and new beat kondukta.

also been listening to wyrd visions and pelican quite a bit.


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My car is tape-deck only and the following cassettes are in rotation:

Doublecross live @ DIY NYE
Mifody - ContacT
Mifody - Trance Essence
Mifody - In Trance
Ascendica - The Journey Upward
Ellis Dee Live/MC MC live @ Liquid Adrenaline (parts I and II)
Ellis Dee Live/MC Fearless live @ Dreamscape
Nicodemus - Unpopular Mechanics
Nicodemus - Virtuoso Electro
DJ Venom - Happy Hardcore Vol. 6

And a bunch of others I can't think of right now...also some children's music tapes for my daughters' sake.

Basically, I'm partying like it's 1998-2001.


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Tool - 10000 Days
City and Colour
Magnet - Tournoquet
Angels and Airwaves
Taking Back Sunday [latest]
Keane - Hopes and Fears
Joy Division
U2 [entire library]
Coldplay - Parachutes, XY
NIN - Downward spirl, With teeth
Madonna - Immaculate Collection, Confessions
RAGE - 1st disc

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