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What's going on in halifax.


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Hey - I grew up in NS but got into the scene when I moved to BC after school. I was wondering if there are many parties out east.

How many Bluenosers are on tribe?

: )
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Im goin Nov 18-Nov 21
Myagi, sonny d vs Me in Lobster eating contest
follow'd by Donairs...lots of donair's


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i luv's the donairs!

Tim...i think i'll be there the weekend before you. :( gettin' to see my sis between treatments of chemo...too bad.

edit: damn i'm too early for Djsultan! f*ck!
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Sonny D

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Derrick Carter on October 28th
Benni Benassi on November 16th
Myagi on the 18th
Phat Conductor on the 18th
Sultan on the 26th

Last Friday was JT Donalsdon and Preach.