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whatever happened to the russia?

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double entendre on the BLOW:



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its called media blackout.

its what happens when a country's gouvernment does not want to popularize the living conditions.

also, I think the russians are just building up forces for cold war part 2 : the reckoning

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see, i thought they were having a big party and invited everyone but me like that time where this girl i knew had a big party and invited everyone but me because she thought i was going to start some trouble.

i forget her name but i really wish that i had punched when i had the chance.

c'est la brie!


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Fine, I'll be the only one to take a serious stab at it.

They collapsed within two weeks.. and in an attempt to still hold their union together they formed the Commonwealth of Independant States.. many of the countries split off and claimed independance, including Ukraine which went as far as to declare that it would defend itself if it's newly found sovereignty was challenged by outside forces (namely Moscow). And so the Ex-Soviet's territory basically diminished about 20 percent overnight.

The infastructure was basically in shambles and so the only entity with any organization was the Russian Mafia which, with no set regulations, basically gained control of most industries, and distribution routes and entrenched themselves within the social infastructure. Crime went up immensely as a result.

Since then, the new states have been slowly gaining independance, and pushing out the corruption. Georgia was a good example of this where an obvious rigging of an election sparked huge popular protests & civil tension.. so much so it caused the newly elected leader to resign, and a carefully monitored election took place.

Basically it is a dark region of sorts, where heavy corruption is entrenched in every facet of social order. They are in a tough position, because without some of the regulations that keep the needed balance between public & private power, Russia will stay in it's hole until the much needed balance is fought for & won.
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