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what up with all the techno dudes and yoshitoshi..?


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dean coleman has a new one on Yoshitoshi...

rumour has it Adam Beyer is gonna do a release...

damn... PRIME goes out and the big boys scatter
to keep their bank roll full..

how do yaw'll think this will affect music...?
Beyer/Lekebusch to name two that everyone is familiar with used to do SWEET tech-house stuff on labels like Svek/Loop/Lask/Plumphouse some of it not even gracing the techno genre at all. I for one think it's great that they are going to be trying their hands at it again. It's a pleasant break from the (what I consider) crap they've been putting out lately.

It is probably better for everyone involved when noted producers start changing things up and doing something they wouldn't usually do. When those guys were doing their not-full-on-techno in the mid nineties it blew up and I think it could happen again. PRIME going down I think is a blessing. top 40 techno anyone?
Christian Smith, Valentino, Phil Kieran and Oliver Lieb have releases on Yoshitoshi
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what i'm really looking for is how do you think it'll
affect the current state of music.

like alot of prog Djs looks to yoshi for the hottest
thing. do you think the producers will cater to that
sound or do you think they'll infuse Yoshi with a
harder edge that will then reflect in clubland...?

the dean coleman release seems to cowdown to
the prog sound, but the phil kiernan (with the
adam beyer remix) didn't...
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For the love of all that I care about I hope they wont do prog.

i doubt it but you never know. Keep in mind Yoshitoshi hasn't always been prog..to tell the truth it's been so long since I've even bothered to listen to a yoshitoshi record I didn't know they were now.

Dean Coleman and Phil Keiernan are people I would expect to do proggie stuff on a label that caters to that sound...I don't like anything they've done. Beyer on the other had has no need to do anything like that since he's already got a following...?!(i hope)
Heiko Laux also has a release on Yoshi.

As for the current state of Yoshi in regards to techno, lately they've pushed the prog friendly tribal techno avec hoover basslines. Expect them to follow the current trend of harder edged retro-electro tinged techno.

I don't think things will get HARDER specifically, just dirtier.

Originally posted by The Truth
Yes, I forgot about Heiko Laux who is excellent..esp his releases on Kanzlramt (sp)

your fucking right Heiko owns Todd,that release on Yoshitoshi "dedicated to all believers' is one of my favs and gets plenty rotation.BTW who the fuck cares about Beyer? Shit go out into the street and get hit by a car or something,it would be more interesting than that shit you churn out.


...good riddance
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actually i thought beyers release with speedy j was pretty damn interesting (and good!)...
looking out for techno/haus for me on yoshi is all about dubby chunky sounds as the chiepet..
and the occasional lexicon ave..
overall, genre or not, dj preference aside, i do think they more then often put out good productions..
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