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~*...what tribers look like (just pix)...*~

that 420 guy

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Originally posted by eLeKTRon
Why doesn't someone start a pic thread of Tribers?
** rummages to find a good fake pic **
i thought the pikcha thread would satisfy, but sorting through a couple hundred pages to find out what <insert your name here> looks like can be pretty tedious.

post a single pik of yourself in this thread (use the pikcha thread for whoring). i look like this:

- that hairstyles may change guy

Sunshyne Jones

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here's one of me - few yrs old but don't think there are any others of me on the web

i'm in the middle

(recording a song with a band i used to sing with)


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Originally posted by Astroboy
here's a pic from a couple years ago.

Good gravy man! What is that ghastly looking sea creature? Oh, and what type of fish is that next to it <joke>


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my webspace is gone and I can no longer post pics

and I just got one of the JT look-a-like. I wanted to start a vote, but the "upload picture from harddrive" thing is gone :(