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What to do with old electronics??


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I have a ton of stuff i just want to get rid of, but don't know what to do with.

I know there's probably someone out there who could use this stuff, but how do i link my old crap with someone who wants it??

- old cell phones that work, plus chargers
- portable cd player
- parts of a cd player adapter for cars
- computer keyboard with a few broken keys

I just can't throw this stuff out, but i've got to get rid of it!

Does anyone know of a place that would take this stuff in and do something with it?

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There is a recycling drop off thing for old electronics as well as other stuff every once in a while. I know there is one at Central Tech that I get info for from Olivia Chow and I think one is coming up. Will give you info if I find it.
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If you're just looking to get rid of the stuff and not make any cash, drop it off at the Goodwill or similar.


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le bricoleur said:
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It was clear to me the last time we saw him that he's put much much much more effort into that suit than figuring out how to work a turntable.
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I know alot of the BELL stores will take the phones & chargers back

Or you could drop them off @ a local shelter where they could be used for people looking for work . I know out this way they have a program or two that offers that service for people trying to get back on their feet.


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kmac said:
If you're just looking to get rid of the stuff and not make any cash, drop it off at the Goodwill or similar.

OR if you still want the do-good'er buzz AND a tax receipt drop it off at Reboot. It's one block north of Dupont just east of Dufferin. They fix old elecetronics and then send them to deserving countries. They won a bunch of awards for their charity work. Tey'll mail you a tax receipt a few months after you drop off. You could claim it on next years taxes.

Reboot Canada
136 Geary Toronto, ON M6H4H1

Phone: (416) 534-6017


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i got this forwarded to me....

Hey everyone,

Ever wonder what to do with your old cell phone? Check out www.think-food.com, a project of the Daily Bread Food Bank, dedicated to recycling old cell phones and printer cartridges and in turn, raising new funds for foods banks.

‘Local food banks benefit and harmful waste is diverted from the garbage everytime someone recycles their used inkjet cartridge or cell phone. Simply find a drop-off location near you or set up a collection site in your workplace or school. When a collection box is full, it is sent to a central location where the cartridges and phones are sorted and sold to the remanufacturing industry. This industry turns them into refurbished products for consumers. Funds are raised for the local food banks through this process.’
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i've got a scanner and old ass laptop that i want to throw away. If someone wants them they can have them, but this is good info!!


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it's old. it's a texas intrument laptop. i mean its in good condition but i don't have an adapter for it. my old roommate left it behind but he says it works. You can have it if you like.
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