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what to do with all those leftover tickle me elmos from years ago?

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member

The Surrogate, 2000-2003
jacket made from 64 Tickle Me Elmos
purchased on eBay.
To be sold on eBay auction, which
opens October and closes October 11.

a less work-friendly picture of the coat in action here


N-Trophy , 2000-2003
61 mounted heads from Tickle Me
Elmos purchased on eBay, each of which
to be resold on eBay

if you stare at the second picture for 30 seconds, then look at your hand, it goes "hahaahhah...that tickles!"
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People are so irresponsible... FUCKING SHIT, YOU IDIOTS, now look what happened to these furry cute things!

Unbelievable how little people care. Use your network of friends, or something, don't just SELL YOUR PETS ON EBAY FOR GOD'S SAKE.
All reasons that he should have thought could be issues before getting the Elmo.

Don't get all in a snit because your bro didn't think before he made his decision.

All elmos require time and energy, and it's not fair to get them when your life can accommodate them, but not think ahead 10 years to a time when your life will not afford them the time that they need.

Look at the elmo society - the explanations for a good portion of the elmos there should simply read the same as your brother's poor elmo - "I simply didn't think before I bought this animal. And now it is a coat."
You're excused.

Any reason other than unforseen health issues with his children isn't really valid IMO i.e. my child is deathly allergic elmo.

There are homeless people who manage to put their elmos high on the list of priorities, and they have neither home nor money.

Things I (and everyone should) consider before getting an elmo:

Will I for the next 10-15 years have the space/time/money for this animal? If not, who can take care of it for me for the period of time it takes for me to get on my feet again, assuming something happens? Nobody - ok, then no to the purchase of the animal.

It's really as simple as that. In my case, I'd have to be dead or dying before I'd give up my elmos to anyone. Even then, I've already made agreements with one of my ex's and family members that if anything terrible happens to me, they've willingly agreed to take my elmos for me, because they know how important they are to me.

Again, I hope he is able to find her a good home.

Therefore, it is conscious, and if you think that I'm an idiot for thinking so, well, I guess we'll just have to disagree on this.

It laughs when you tickle it! It fucking laughs! Even dogs don't laugh!
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Originally posted by LivingRoomPornstar

Dan, is that you laughing, or your computer... because, you know when you turn it off, it cries-- for about 1/1000 of a second.
Originally posted by LivingRoomPornstar
you confuse!

Well, Dan, people guffaw when I tell them I shed a tear whenever I shut down my computer.

It might very well have a consciousness, right? Input/output/ sometimes completely wacky things happen...

Such complex things going on, much more complex than what's happening in a dog's brain... it just HAS TO BE conscious, right? Please agree with me, or I'm going to kill a puppy.