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What to do in Denver?


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Okay I have to go to Denver, Colorado for some business (no time for skiing). Has anyone been to Denver before? Can some of you Tribers suggest some good restaurants, bars, nightlife, ect...? I know I can do a google search but I would rather have your opinions and suggestions.

Thank You!
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I've been to Denver, it's fuckin boring. The night life is not all that good. I did go to a Rockies' game, that was cool. Cools' Field is far superior than the Skydome.
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The Tesseract

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R.I.P. Warren Zevon (his song of the same name came out years before the movie)

I heard they have a good house scene there, no idea what the clubs are.
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Be sure to hit up the church, beautiful club played there a few times.
You will want to check out Dj Wyatt Earp, Ty Tek & Little Mike . Vitamin D is still kicking around
Denver aswell.
Casa del Soul Records will have some info as to what is happening around Denver and should be able to take care of guestlist for you aswell.
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Rent a car (seriously), a Porsche (not seriously...unless you can afford it!), preferebly a standard (highly recommended).

Now, this may seem like obvious advice, but take a cruise down highway 70 / 40 / 6 whatever it is and go west through the mountains. It's a pretty awesome drive, quite windy, up and down, and most of all the scenery is amazing!

Or if you're on a budget ask whoever you're visiting if they wouldn't mind showing you the drive.

Hike up a mountain? That's all I can give you.

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I've been to Boulder, CO, about a half hour drive from Denver,... pretty stunning scenery since it lies right at the foot of the Rockies. Nice little downtown area too where you'll find some nice restaurants, bars & clubs...

My advice for Denver is to check out an Avalanche game and Vitamin D.
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things to denver when (you wish) you'(we)re dead

Okay, this is gonna be a long one. Tribe is my new blog. :)

As some of you know I was sent to Denver for 4 weeks to do some last minute cleanup work on a web project gone wrong for a mutual fund company. I worked it so that they would fly me back on one of the weekends (of the 3) and I chose the first one to come back because it was my 30th birthday weekend. Lots of fun - it's all over now - it seems like it was a century ago.

http://www.tribemagazine.com/board/showthread.php?s=&threadid=104894 - birthday review thread...

Anyway... I came back to D-town after my b-day weekend to do 18 days straight here. I'm now 10 days into my term. 8 sleeps left till I can go home and sleep in my own bed with my own soft and cuddly girl (and not some dirty budget escort). I’ve never spent more than a night away from my wife before. We’ve know each other for 13 years and have been living together for… 8? Jesus… Following are some of the highlights (and lowlights) of my Denver extravaganza.


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things to denver when (you wish) you'(we)re dead

Day 6: Saturday 19th of November.

2200 – Meet Alex (my coding hotshot hired gun counterpart) at hotel bar. Drink Fat Tire. Not too shabby local brew I’ve become hooked on.

2230 – Go with Alex to Buddha Lounge to hear Wyatt Erp drop some techy stuff - he was pretty good. He only used a tiny little mac hooked up to a DJM600... Nothing else. He looks like Steve Lawler. He played pretty hard even though the bar was mostly empty by midnight. I think everyone went over to Vinyl to see Tall Paul. I didn't want to see TP. I talked to Wyatt for a bit about Beatport and what to do after Buddha. He suggested that we go to “2AMâ€. The only afterhours in town because it would be a little better there with more people. I danced with the only other dancing people in the bar (a group about 6). Alex kept buying beer. He doesn't dance. I drank a lot of beer.

0130 – Even though the lights are coming up at Buddha Alex buys me another beer. I don't think he gets out much. He doesn't know what “the lights are on – get the fuck out†means.

0135 – Slam 5th beer and head over to 2AM with 3 people (mountain hippy types) from Boulder who we met while dancing to Wyatt.

0145 – Arrive 2AM - Pay $15 cover. It’s a basementy kind of place. Nothing special. No booze obviously.

0215 – Bored – Try to score a little something something. Not happening. I'm in the USA – Nearly impossible. Boulder crew come up blank too. Lots of odd looking dudes grinding up against chicks here and the chicks let them do it to a certain degree. Very strange. It’s a different scene here that’s for sure.

0230 – Wyatt Erp is spinning here now too. Aren’t there any other DJs in this town? Where's that Ty Tek guy?

0330 – Boulder crew invite me back to Boulder. Herb. House in the mountains. Alex calls it for the night.

0345 – Drive to Boulder.

0400 – Nawberry calls – he’s leaving Boa and going to the zone. He wants to know where my wife is… I don’t think my wife wants to go to the zone… but she was at Steve Bug so try her at home.

0415 – Arrive in mountains. It's dark. The house has Christmas lights. Go inside. Smoke joint. The driest, sledgehammer weed I’ve puffed since high school. The mountain hippies have neither beer nor wine to drink. Bah. Pass out with a blistering headache in spare room.

1100 – Wake up. House is asleep. Hang out on Deck in the sun. Eat Apple. Eat 87% Cocoa Chocolate. Drink Acai juice. It's very beautiful here. So peaceful. I'm glad that in my inebriated state I made a stupid decision to follow strangers into the mountains.

1130 – Go for walk up into hills.

1215 – Head back down mountain. Realize that Acai juice has gone straight through me and made me a little gassy - let a couple rip. Let another one rip. Get a little too into. A bit more than just gas squirts out. Oops. That's never happened before. What do they call that again? Gambled and lost?

1216 – Panic. Wonder what to do.

1217 – Realize that I'm in the mountains and there’s nobody around for miles. Take pants off. Take underwear off. Examine mess. Not as bad as it felt. What a freak. :) I'm going commando!

1218 – On my way again. Nothing to see here… Ew…

1300 – Arrive back at house in the hills. House is still asleep. I’m Very Hungry and I’m now feeling extremely hung over. The fridge is empty. I need bacon. This is a new thing for me. Hang overs seem to hit me really hard about 2 or 3 hours after I wake up "feeling like a million bucks". So I get really into my day only to realize - Holy shit. What was I thinking?

1305 – Start walking towards Boulder.

1309 – Come across sign pointing out that there are mountain lions and bears in the area and that people shouldn’t travel alone.

1310 – Panic.

1311 – Realize Boulder is a long fucking way away – can’t do anything about mountain lions. Keep walking.

1320 – First car going my way FINALLY passes. Stick out thumb. Older woman and her daughter stop. Crazy mountain people. Pleasant conversation with hung over Canadian boy ensues. I put on a good show for my country. I think. I hope I didn't smell like ass.

1345 – Arrive boulder. Fuck that would have been a long walk.

1400 – Arrive at recommended breakfast place - order coffee, eggs benny and a side of bacon. YUM.

What a weird ass night.

After that I walked around boulder and then caught a public bus back to Denver. About an hour long ride. Only $3.75! All the hot chicks are in Boulder by the way. Ski girls I think. Yum!

I arrived in downtown Denver and decided to walk back to Cherry Creek. Took about 1.5 hours. Fuck...
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