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What time do you get home from work?


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So yeah. Thread title.

For those of you who have normally scheduled, regular, daytime work hours, that revolve around a "37.5" or "40" hour work week, ie. 9-5 or whatever... ie. not including people who might work afternoon or night shifts.... but regular kind of "wake up in the morning, go to work" type job people...

... what time would you say you get home, on average, after staying the "extra time" at work, then driving/walking/biking/transit to your place?

Like, at what TIME would you say you sit down in your place, after like, taking off your tie and putting your wallet down or whatever routine you have, and sit down and go "Yeahhh.... done...."?



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Start @ 8:30am, finish between 5-5:30pm...depending on rush hour I usually get home around 6-6:30pm.

Sunshyne Jones

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Start at 9am. Depending on the work load I may leave anywhere from 5 - 8pm, sometimes later but not TOO often, and I have a 10 minute walk home.
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Start at sevenish...
Leave around fivish, sometimes get home at five thirty, sometimes not so much...
I have a good friend who lives very close to work, so if the roads are terrible, I'll go hang out there.
Start anytime from 7:30 - 8:30.
Leave between 5:30 or 6:30 - home usually by 7:00.

If I'm home before 6 it's a complete treat.

There was a while where I was working from 6:30 am till midnight M-F, including weekends (shorter hours on weekends), without any extra pay.
It sucked incredibly hard, but ultimately that came up several times during my review, and I was offered a promotion & raise.
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extra time? tie?

haha sucker.

I leave between 8:15 and 9 and get home between 6 and 6:30 depending if I bike or Drive.
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leave between 6:30 and 9:00
home between 2:30 and 7:00

but I'll work a little bit at night when I feel like it.
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Ditto Much

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Start by 8 leave around 4 get home 2 minutes later. I live slightly under 1 km from work, heck I go home at lunch for swims.

I rip on Nebraska for just about anything but traffic isn't one of them. Rush hour doesn't really exsist.


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start: 1030am
end: 500pm
home: 505pm

resturaunt jobs + living right around the corner makes for great hours/commute...

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daddyiwantchocolate said:
If I'm home before 6 it's a complete treat.

Start: anytime between 8-9 (usually in around 8:20)
Finish: when my work is done. Most nights till 5:30-6:00
Home: depends on traffic and the time I leave - usually 6:30


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lately, when I don't have any other commitments in the evening I get home around 7-7:30 on average. With Rugby 2-3 nights a week though, on top of usual weeknight errands, Sarah and I often don't get to see eachother until 9.


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If I get off at 5, I get home at 6 PM if there isn't a subway problem.

This is usually followed by cleaning, organizing and dinner preparation. And lots of smoking before I actually sit down and sigh. Unless I have a meeting after work. So I actually get to relax around 7.

If I get off at 7:30 , I get home around 10.
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