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What the USA, Israel and Media (Western) DO NOT want you to know about Hamas

Vincent Vega

TRIBE Member
SellyCat said:
Wow, Keith....anyways. Thanks for the imput.
Dude, from the perspective of a stricty neutral observer (in a manner of speaking), he's absolutely right.

In all sincerity, I would have liked to participate further in this discussion but the tone and content of many of your responses as the thread wore on turned me off. ~atp~ raised some very salient points in response to your words. It's a shame that you don't see their merit. Primarily the point about who bears the greater responsibility in this conflict net of any small evaluations of "morality."


Ditto Much

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Vincent Vega said:
responsibility in this conflict

Who cares?

Right now its completely irrelivent who is responsible, it litterally doesn't change a thing. 0 parties are negotiating peace, 0 parties are at the table, Israel has no desire to even sit down anymore.

Its great to figure who is responsible for all this but its utterly meaningless and changes nothing moving forward. Even conceeding that %100 responsibility for the conflict lies in Israels hands it doesn't change a single thing. Israel has picked the line its going to hand back and all the world peace initiatives now mean nothing, all the Oslo's all the Camp Davids are meaningless because a fence and guns have provided more tangible benifits at a lower cost.

Israel left the peace process and has gone about doing her own thing. With Hamas as its head even Europe is washing its hands of the Palestinians cause and plight.

Ditto Much said:
How do you suggest that Hamas get Israel back to the negotiating table?

~atp~ said:
Basically, the ball is in the international community's court (and by international, I mean Israel and their veto-friend the United States)

I argue that Israel walked away from the game and Hamas better stop expecting there to be another serve. My point is that ~atp~ is entirely wrong, although Israel may be the responsible party it holds absolutely no relevence beyond moral judgements. Calling one side responsbile is only relevent if you can use this for something, I argue that Israel will give up its seat on the UN before standing trial by anyone.