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What the hey would you ask DJ Premier?

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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patio-d said:
what are your top ten preemo beats, preemo?

he was asked that before...i think for pound or peace,one of those rags.

livin proof was his fave...the other usual suspects were there aswell-come clean,mass appeal,outta here,take it personal et al.


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Hey Curt. Life is pretty sweet... living in Taipei, doing the whole teaching English as a foreign language thing. Taipei is a wicked, wicked city. Really cosmopolitan and international. Something is always happening. Just last night I went to 'K Spray 2' where Grand High and Fremantle did live pieces and tags on K-Swiss shoes.

I might be fulfilling my anglo-Canadia destiny and moving to Toronto next year. I applied to get into Ryerson's two year journalism program - if I get in, I'll be in the big Tdot by September.

(as a shamless promotional side note, I also wrote a review on Hifana, who came last week. Fucking insane live hip hop/experimental Japanese turntablist duo. Check it: http://www.taiwannights.com/?op=reviews&page=view&id=45)
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