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What the hell is UP with this PLUS shite!


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I book a whole bunch of days off work to go snowboarding, and it's supposed to be RAINY and PLUS 5!!!!!!!!!


I already missed saturday... hoping for monday. UGH
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Im lovin it!

Today I installed the CD deck I bought my dad for Christmas....outside! I even had to take my jacket off cuz I was getting to hot!

I got all stoopid drunk at my g/f's last night and left my Jeep there, so this morning I had to walk over and get it, it was like April, so nice out!

After that I went 4 byein for the rest of the afternoon , got the jeep a little muddy, just fantastic considering the date!


Not rubbing salt into the snow enthusiasts wounds or anything, just flipping the coin.
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new to t.o.

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I feel like an old lady - just turned 30 and had my ACL repaired two months ago and I'm LOVING this warm weather. I don't need to go out with a cane and have cute little Asian men explain how to properly use it :D

I feel for the snowboarders, though, no question.


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I too just turned 30, but I want to get out snowboarding, and ice fishing :)
this wheather makes everything mushy and crapy :( no fun.
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Im fucking lovin the weather!!

a couple of friends of mine met up with me on the u of t campus- and we found a nice roof to smoke a joint on. then we pulled out our Lap Tops and found a plug on the wall and we rocked out making a few tunes.
Then it was off down allyways with a few cans..
great night topped off with some Zelda:Windwaker