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what the hell can i do ??? an inlaw has gone missing


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she is an older lady, with parkinson's, i just found out she just got up and left from vancouver and noone knows where she went

im stunned, all they have is the fact, she left her car at the bus depot in vancouver

thats it, we're assuming she might be headed to ontario to visit her son(which is my fiance's father)who in fact, is in myrtle beach right now

if she is coming this way she will be here around 5 tomorrow..........

i dont know what i can do

please help


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they have filled out a missing persons report in vancouver

but they cant do anything until it reaches so many days, and even that they cant do too much


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I'm sorry to hear that man. There was no one with whom she kept regular contact and may leave some idea to where she's going? I'm sure you guys have searched the house, any receipts or notes or anything? I hope things turn out okay.


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Busses from Vancouver to Toronto arrive at 5:50am, 3:15pm and 6:00pm.

The busses leave Vancouver at 6:45am, 12:15pm, 1:45pm and 6:45pm. Has anybody called the Greyhound station to see if any staff members there remember her?
Greyhound *sometimes* takes names when they issue tickets, but I think they've done that for me maybe two or three times in all the times I've taken the bus. But, if she was there, chances are a staff member might remember her.

Is there any way to check banking/credit card activity to see if/where she's been using any cards?

I hope things turn out okay :(
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hey thanks guys, especially the time schedule from stargurl

we have called greyhound, and they have stated, that those would have been working at the time, dont come to work again until monday morning, so hopefully they might remember something

basically she just got up and left, no word, nothing, and took money that she had put aside for awhile

if shes not on the bus tomorrow, i dunno where else to look, plus the fact,if she is on the bus, im not really financially prepared to have someone else around

the worst part is her son(my fiances father) is gone on vacation, and doesnt know about this, and there is no way of contacting him

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Alerting the authorities in Toronto, or wherever else you think she may have ended up. Maybe going down to the greystation on monday (today) and speaking to the employees who were working?
A lot more in person can often be wrought then over the phone...

Best of luck regardless :(



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That's terrible... I hope she gets back safely.

The neighbor at my cottage who lived there year round (and was pretty much ready to be put in a group home - almost totally out of it - he was 75ish) did the same thing.
He just got up and left one day.

They couldn't find him for 3 days and then they found him in the town he grew up in about an hour away just wandering around.
and he was totally fine - not a scratch on him :).
I hope you have the same luck.


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all is well...so far

she did in fact come here, as my fiance found her at our local bus terminal, tired, need of a change of clothes and a meal that she hasnt had in over 3 days

she is tucked in bed right now, resting for her trip back, this time though shes is taking a plane home

i am wrong in my assumption that she has parkinsons, it is in fact, the early stages of alzheimers, exactly the same thing my grandmother recently passed away with.....fawk

one thing that kinda peeves me though, is the
grandfather(the husband) was harping my fiance on why we should just keep her for a week or two, he was making her feel real guilty

and honestly we love to, but the fact remains, she needs constant supervision, and we just cant fullfill that responsibility for the fact, we are both in new jobs, and cant get the time off to do so

thanks for all your help, i just needed someone to talk to
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junglisthead..i know what you're going through. my grandfather recently passed away...he was in his late stages of alzheimers, had parkinson's for as long as i can remember and had pneumonia right before he died. eitherway, if you ever need someone to chat to...111791221 = icq. emails in my profile. alezheimers is a very hard thing to deal with. "they" (professionals) say that the family really bears most of the stresses since the person who is ill doesn't really know that something is wrong. who really knows tho.

eitherway, i'm happy to hear that your fiancee's grandmum is safe in bed. take care...
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I'm glad to hear that she turned up safely.
My heart is with you.. I hope she'll be able to go home and get the care she needs.