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What the hell are you listening to?


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I generally avoid mainstream music. Over the course of this quarantine I've found myself listening to stuff from the 70s. Mostly funk and soul. A lot of early 90's house music too. Real tracks, I guess to me. Tracks that have survived. Familiar and grounding. It seems that am self medicating with them.
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been getting records from a source that curates not just great house, techno, electro, breaks and ukg -> but excellent represses of little known european 80s tracks

this one is a gem


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adam freeland is spinning an online set at 630 EST.

He swore off spinning another breaks set years ago.
this should be a treat.
link to follow...
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Anyone for some Finnish disco? This one’s a rare gem. Near as I can tell, it’s their only track. Hard to find. My friend has it on a Finnish disco re-release compilation. This is from a cassette that came out around 1980! Blast-off comes halfway through. ;)

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Nine Inch Nails
3 hrs ·
I was just reminded today marks the two year anniversary of when we made you show up in person for the Cold and Black and Infinite tour. Strange to think about with the world the way it is now. I look forward to the day we can once again safely be in the same space and share the experience of screaming at the top of our lungs at each other.
Speaking of which, I suppose I can let you know we HAD a tour booked this fall that continued and expanded Cold and Black and Infinite. Jehnny Beth was coming along with us. We were excited. I’m bumming myself out right now. The what-could-have-been dates are below and we had some merch for that tour in production that we’re putting in the store with all of NIN’s profits going to local food banks in the cities we were going to play. http://smarturl.it/NINOnlineStore
The current plan is to finish up some scoring projects, work on my limited patience skills, deep dive into new NIN material, and hopefully be playing music live for you in 2021. In the meantime… listen to Jehnny’s record (comes out June 11), continue to listen to Bowie, and don’t be too hard on yourself.
TR 5.19.20
If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out this incredible fan-made full length concert film: https://NIN.lnk.to/CBI2018
P.S. How in the fuck did you pull this off?
Sep 15 + 16 San Diego, CA - Open Air Theatre
Sep 19 Los Angeles, CA - LA State Historic Park
Sep 22 + 23 + 24 Vancouver, BC - Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Sep 26 + 28 + 29 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
Oct 1 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
Oct 8 + 9 Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theatre
Oct 11 + 12 Minneapolis, MN - The Armory
Oct 15 Grand Rapids, MI - Deltaplex
Oct 17 Indianapolis, IN - Indiana Farmers Coliseum
Oct 19 + 20 + 21 Philadelphia, PA - The Met
Oct 23 + 24 + 26 + 27 + 29 Toronto, ON - Venue TBA

5 nights in Toronto. Damn.
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