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What the hell are you listening to?


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This has probably been posted before but I’m just hearing it for the first time. ...and it’s FANTASTIC fall BBQ music!!!!!! :) :) :)


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A tribute to the grooviest label of all time, the mighty Finger Lickin!

In honour of the re-union boat party I put together this mix from the other side of the world, Singapore. Couldn't make it back to London so this was the closest I could get!

The Sting (Micky Slim Remix) - Brothers Bud
Yap Yap - Brothers Bud
The Sting - Brothers Bud
Space Bass Rock - Slyde
Funk Hits the fan - Plump DJs
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Slyde
Crazy Jack - brothers Bud
Scram - Plump DJs
Groove Diggin - Stereo 8
You’re my fix (Utah Saints Remix) - Slyde
The Push - Plump DJs
Frequency (Miles Dyson Rmemix) - Slyde
Creepshow (Soul of Man) - Plump DJs
Vibrate to This - Slyde
SukDat (rogue Element) - Soul of Man
Blackjack - Plump DJs
Feelin kinda strange (Bass Kleph and Nick Thayer Remix) - Drummatic Twins
Dr Dub - Plump DJs
Don’t be so Drummatic - Drummatic Twins
Future Sound of Retro (2008 remix) - Lee Coombs
Disco Daze (Disco Mix) - Jam Stone and JC
Foxy Moron - Soul of Man
Herbgrinder - (Drummatic Twins Remix) - Brothers Bud
Electric Disco - Plump DJs