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What the hell are you listening to?

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it's live in '74, so you don't have to listen to Nicky tell you to use HIS name in the the same breath as Larry Levan, Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles every couple of songs like his podcast. :D:D:D

Bernnie Federko

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The Comet is Coming announce new LP Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

Entitled Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery, the group’s second album is set to be released on 15 March via Impulse! The album’s themes revolve around universal truths and questions, with the press release stating that the LP sees the the trio form their 21st century take on spiritual jazz. Accompanying the announcement is the album’s first single Summon the Fire – stream it via the player above.

The Comet is Coming is comprised of Crack Magazine cover star Shabaka Hutchings, keyboardist Danalogue and drummer Betamax. Their last release is 2017’s EP Death to the Planet. On the theme of the forthcoming LP, Hutchings said, “We are able to catch glimpses of this lifeforce energy during our music-induced trances, and in doing so can contemplate our position as a human species in the context of the vastness of space and the epic scale of its workings.”

This year will see the trio hit the road for a run of UK shows, including performances at Village Underground (6 March), Bristol’s Thekla (7 March) and Manchester’s Yes (2 April).

Check out the tracklist for the new LP below, and read our Issue 96 cover story with Shabaka Hutchings.

Because the End is Really the Beginning
Birth of Creation
Summon the Fire
Blood of the Past ft. Kate Tempest
Super Zodiac
Astral Flying
Timewave Zero
The Universe Wakes Up

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He's one of most talented DJs I've ever seen. There must be a fairly large group of Toronto techno expats over there.

A bunch of em right? Maybe enough we'll hear of anti Canadianism on the rise in Berlin from all the Canuck DJs loafing around, getting gigs from good Germans and stealing their frauleins??
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Crate diggin’ here to thin out the herd. Thought this was a lost soldier. Very happy I found it!! :)

I've been digging a lot too lately.

My big find was this phonique which I moved from the archive into my go to crate:

Crostown rebels 007, single digit release # yo
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