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What the hell are you listening to?


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i saw the light - spoon
don't watch me dancing - little joy
in the summertime - rural alberta advantage
o.n.e. - yeasayer

the new spoon album hasn't totally grown on me, although i really dig that one song.

rural alberta advantage's hometowns album ive had in rotation for weeks on end now.

the new yeasayer album took a while for me to get into but now i fucking love it and its cheesiness. seeing them in NYC in may. woo!

i want the new beach house album. the bits ive heard i really like.


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Hey...don't worry, apparently they are back this summer....so you can catch them at that time!

They were great musically, the lead singer, Robin Zander still has all of his voice, Rick Nielson at 61 is still the jokey stage prankster type. Tom Petersson looked great, and and Carlos on the drums kept everyone timed nicely. They performed their classic hits to perfection, opening with Need Your Love and closing with Surrender. There was a sprinkle of their new stuff mixed into the vault offerings. Didn't get to stay for the encores, but they came to satisfy and they did. What a trip.

Only comment would be about keeping the flow of music. They stopped (what felt like) after each song and Rick would give commentary until they got their next song going. This style may work in a bar type atmosphere but I didn't particularly feel that bit. This made the concert feel choppy and disrupted their momentum. Could have been a bit tighter with that.

All in all, for a Thursday night, it was good outting, lots of other fans in the crowd, old and young, so the mix of attendees was great.

You and your sis should keep your ears to the ground for this summer....I think I'd go to see them again.

Big Cheese

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Been loving this album.


It's a ska/raggae album that has much more funky elements then anything i've ever heard out of those genres.

it's really an amazing album.