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What the hell are you listening to?

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new Doves album!



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the yeah yeah yeahs - its blitz

amazing album
There is some alright moments on this album but it really lacks the rawness, the balls and garage sound that really made me love their debut. I suppose I shouldn't fault them for a more polished sound and in some cases I really like the synth work, but it feels disingenuine. I wanted to love this album, and to be sure it is highly listenable, but there is a certain lack.

The new Bat for Lashes is pretty great, though, not as complete an album as Fur and Gold. I appreciate how she is really pushing herself in different directions as a songwriter while maintaining the mystic qualities that made the debut such a sucessess. I wish I could say the same for Karen O on Its Blitz.

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surprisingly a very good album. Sounds more like mid 90's KMFDM than their last couple albums, which were pretty much half assed metal.

the track Bitches is probably the best on it, plus it's pretty funny and has some rather nice guitar riffs in it


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spent the last 4 days listening to:

emiliana torrini
sebastien grainger
doom (the new mf doom)
some recent skream dubstep mix
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the new yeahyeahyeahs album is alright..took a bit to grow on me.
karen o's learned to sing! i agree though..i was hoping for a bit more growl.

ive been listening to the dark was the night compilation. im not nearly as impressed as i thought i would be given all those names. although i really like knotty pine - david byrne/dirty projectors and feelin' good cover - my brightest diamond.

inspired by that cover ive been listening to a lot of nina simone.

my housemate just bought a best of harry belafonte on vinyl..which is getting regular rotation. it has replaced the best of roy orbison.

antony and the johnsons are finally starting to grow on me. and im hearing more and more singers doing vibrato these days. actually his song on the dark was the night comp isnt bad either. i was watching a leonard cohen documentary..all artists doing covers. antony and rufus wainwright did the only decent work out of the whole thing.

tried to listen to the billy bragg/wilco disc..had to realize that i dont much care for billy bragg.

other than that is been some breeders (pod/title tk)

and im reeeeeeally liking camera obscura. they have a new album coming out soon. i may have posted this before..but i cant remember.

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evil homer

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this is a really lovely comp and a great idea for one too.
"A Tribute To the Giant Golden Book Of New Zealand`s
Alternative Music Scene" from the morr stable. disc one is covers of tall dwarves, verlaines, the chills, the bats, jean paul sarte experience, etc. disc 2 is originals inspired by... very nice.


CD 1, cover versions:
Lali Puna - I Like Rain
People Press Play - Kaleidoscope World
Tarwater - Death And The Maiden
It´s A Musical - All My Hollowness To You
B. Fleischmann - Not Given Ligthly
The Go Find - Pink Frost
Guther - Glide
The Wooden Birds - Afternoon In Bed
Butcher The Bar - Bee To Honey
Sin Fang Bous - I Think I'd Thought I'd Nothing Else To
Think About
Borko - Up In The Sky
Masha Qrella - Pink Frost
Saroos - Prisoner Of A Single Passion
American Analog Set - Anything Could Happen
Bobby & Blumm - On An Unknow Beach
Contriva - Light
ISAN - Harmonic Deluxe
Electric President - You Forget
CD 2, previously unreleased:
Benni Hemm Hemm - Stoffelse
Radical Face - Wandering
Guther - New Science
Sin Fang Bous - Nothings
Seabear - Singing Arc
Butcher The Bar - Snakes
Surf City - Kudos
Electric President - White Noise
It´s A Musical - In Case Of Harmony
Seavault - Cornfields
Populous - Zodiac
Saroos - Dubstar
Tarwater - Captain
ISAN - Happy Chord Whore
Bobby & Blumm - Take A Sip
B. Fleischmann - Aldebaran Waltz


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for those interested the toronto downtown record sale is happening on sunday.

i was going to go down and sell some recs, but i haven't had any time to compile what i no longer want,or have in doubles, so maybe next year.

paul e lopes, however, is going to be down there with a few crates, and no doubt will have a few stunners.

Just North Of the Danforth
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ive been working as the door bitch at the empress hotel. a sorta live music pub in melbourne, australia.

i recommend:

brendan welch
in person this guy doesnt look like he would have a beautiful folk-country singing voice..especially cuz hes pretty young..but hes amazing. the old country guys in the dining room even came over to check him out.

touch typist
the next night the local opening act got more attention than the headliner from sydney. really nice boys..started off with a really loud post-rock instrumental and then on to some softer slower songs that would build up into some really decent indie rock.
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It's weird cuz I love dubstep but when I listen to it, I sometimes crave for a song to build up to something a little faster...
Some of them do but often the build-up is underwhelming..
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