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What the hell are you listening to?

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Hi i'm God

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this music is likely better than the music you are listening to

The itsy-bitsy-spider?
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Not saying it was bad. The whole "whatever music I'm listening to is better than yours" attitude is just intolerable.

that's not really what i said, what i actually said is that particular flying lotus song is likely better than whatever it is you are currently listening to while reading the post

this morning i listened to "serj tankian" on the radio and it was pretty terrible, and last night i listened to "late of the pier" and it was also not as good

of course, someone could be listening to "marvin gaye - what's going on," and in that case, it would've been better than that flying lotus track, and would have been the un-likely exception.

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this intrigues me...steve lamacq has been talking about this upcoming cd release quite a bit on his show and has been predicting a shoegaze revival for 2009. i'm crossing my fingers. ;)


Rob Da Bank - Sci Fi Lo Fi Volume Three : Shoegazing 1985 - 2009
Label: Soma Records| Release Date: Monday, March 16, 2009

1. Jesus & Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
2. Ultra Vivid Scene - Mercy Seat
3. Dinosaur Jr. - Freak Scene
4. Pale Saints - Sight Of You
5. Ride - Nowhere
6. Spiritualized - If I Were With Her Now
7. Chapterhouse - Pearl
8. Slowdive - When The Sun Hits (Album Version) (Clean Version)
9. Lush - Sweetness & Light
10. Boards Of Canada - Zoetrope
11. Ulrich Schnauss - On My Own
12. M83 - Teen Angst
13. Cocteau Twins - Cherry Coloured Funk (Seefeel Mix)
14. Maps - You Don't Know Her Name
15. Dean & Britta - White Horses

i think he chose a really weak slowdive track and i'm surprised to not see any MBV. hmmm...and i would have picked a better ride song as well, but i guess they don't pay me to mix cd's now, do they? ;)
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders

evil homer

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jungle drum was a track-o-the-year.
i found big jumps to be kind of watered-down feist.

the album before (fisherman's woman) blew me away - esp. nothing brings me down, and serenade. and she's super cute.

listening to:
this 'heavenly wine and roses' mix i made last week. i'm a little proud of the dnb>cowboy junkies>dnb transition in one hour. The books covering nick drake is amazing - dead accurate with the cello work, but all of the fingerpicking is done with plucky little synths. the vocals suffice. The prefuse - like everything off the new LP - is really catchy.

ltj bukem - music (peshay rmx)
talvin singh - kizmet
cinematic orchestra - reel life
atlas sound - hunting quail
moby grape - omaha
cowboy junkies - sweet jane
the books feat. jose gonzalez - cello song
hauschka - wonder
hannu - hyrris
prefuse 73 - nature's uplifting revenge
jaga jazzist - midget
bell orchestre - bucephalus bouncing ball
chris inperspective - wednesday evening

evil homer

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evil homer

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not available online.
unless you work at my office and listen via itunes network.
but no one seems to have availed themselves of this option (yet)(to my knowledge).

just downloaded and i'm very excited to listen for the first time to

The Verlaines - Bird Dog

but in the meantime it's
the dead in alaska 6-21-80
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