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What the hell are you listening to?


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terrawrist III said:
it's what I get and probably deserve for D/Ling copious amounts of music/movies/ AHEMpornAHEM;)

actually the previous crash sort of warned me that drive was a little unstable and I shouls have archived everything:(

that sucks...but use this as a lesson learned. Trust me, i always back up now. :)
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now playing: Greg Benz - Aurium on Proton Radio 12-01-06

This is really good! Slick, floaty progressive ...


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Sufjan Stevens - Greetings from Michigan

current track: Romulus

I'm so torn. Next week, he is playing at carnegie with philip glass and some other people. but on the same night, Sarah Harmer is playing at the canal room. its such a hard call as to which to go see.

(what program makes those top 10 lists?)
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sarah harmer has a great live show also

but she tours more than sufjan, and sufjan is the IT boy right now ..
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carly simon - why

from the dh choice album...i have no idea if this is the original or what, cos i've never heard it before, but i love it!
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Big Cheese

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"You a grown man, why fuck that young girl, are you lustin?
If you got paper like that, then why you still hustlin?
Now you know yo' stomach too big, to be wearin a shirt like that

So why,
you want,
to go,
and do that?

now why you wanna go n' do that love, huh?"



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Bad Astronaut - Huston: We Have a Drinking Problem

I think like Lagwagon's last album, alot of these songs are about Derek. Great tunes though
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