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What the hell are you listening to?


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New and Improved what the hell are you listening to thread!

Finally burned Airdrawndagger onto a CD so I can throw it on the BIG system. WOW!

'Fundamental' is such a huge tune!!!

'Bloodlock' is a killer too!



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There's a porno movie playing on my TV
Oh yea oh yea
You like that bitch
Oh yea
You like it rough bitch
yes ... oh lord fuck me
Well you get the picture

The Hardline According to....

Terrence Trent D'Arby

Track 3 - Wishing Well

Guy had so much potential, great first album, and then blew it all with Neither Fish nor Flesh.


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I've been listening to my cousin play NBA2002 on PS2 for the last four hours. It's beginning to drive me nuts..........



Originally posted by trinitydub
Flaming Lips 'Suddenly Everything Has Changed'
The Soft Bulletin is a great record.

And I'm listening to Airdrawndagger right now too.