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What the FUCK were you thinking??!!


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Changing your tyres on the first lane on the highway??!!!

I just entered the ramp and was about to merge into highway. Naturally, I was accelerating as I was switching lanes from the 1st to the middle lane, when all of a sudden the van in front slammed his brakes on me because there was this stupid twat in front of him changing his bloody tyres on the highway. WTF?? (Among all places must you change your tyres on the 1st fecking lane of the HIGHWAY??!! I know there is no shoulder lane but not the High-Fucking-Way??!)
Anyways, my ride was about three quarter out of the 1st lane when it slammed into the rear bumper of the van. Hard.
FUCK!! :mad:
His van was okay, not much damage. Part of his bumper flew off. Mine was pretty bad, my headlights on the passenger side was crushed up, my hood was bent right up and had to replace it, bumper smashed.
Total: $5,500

Man, for goodness sake, unless you wanna die, please please, please, please do not change your tyres on any driving lanes of the highway!??!
Your wheels won't fall out on you by driving a flat tyre to the nearest exit where you can camp all night to change your tyres for all I care!! Grrrr....

I am damned with this car. Just spent 4k on the bloody transmission repairs and now this.
I might was well jump off CN tower and hope I'll turn into Superman.
This sux ass. :(


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Thanks Highsteppa.
It was lucky no one was hurt in this accident.
Very lucky in fact.

Still, if anyone of you ever have to change a flat tyre. Please proceed to the nearest possible exit.
Things can get pretty nasty along highways.


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did you get charged by the OPP? The fucking moron, dick-ass, putz, tire changing goat fucker is the one who should get charged.

Things like this make me sick. It begs the question "How dumb are people?" :confused: It's easy to say that no one in their right mind would do something like that but then some asshole goes out and nearly gets two or maybe more people killed.

Call a tow truck, do something - anything but change a tire on the 401.

Sorry to hear this man.

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Originally posted by Aphrodite
that is retarded.. glad you're okay!

but you know it's spelled tires.. right?

LOL, baby! After being with me so much... you're so quick to point out anyone's spelling errors.

Hey Lex, I'm glad you're ok :)