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What some men will go through for body enhancement

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Idiot. He's one of those that is trying to put a positive spin on somehting negative. He says "I used to say, I wanna fuck that guy, but the 15 mins of pleasure isn't enough compared to the immense pleaseure I get from what I have now". What do you have, exactly? NOTHING. He also says he wants to change how people think of the penis, andhow it should look like.

Umm, it should look like this: 8===D and not like this:

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It would take like 50 horny fags to get their mouth around that.

I'm gagging just looking at it!

Haha. He's "challenging ideas..."

I wanna see the segment for the guy at the end though. :D What a stud.

*searches torrent sites*


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It's a clip from something called "The Perfect Penis." So at the end, they had a "next up after the commercial" preview.. Another person they are following..

The Tesseract

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Uhhh... so... what... huh?

did i hear correctly (it didn't make sense), did the voiceover say "6 years of injecting silicon have left Martin able to have..." or was that UNable?

I imagine he'd need a few extra pints of blood to get that thing up. Jesus... why??
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that is one skewed sense of aesthetics

i guess this is the flipside to women getting gi-normous boobs

p.s. looks like he saved some of the silicone for his lips
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part of the operation involves splitting the urethra so buddy actually pees through both holes... at least, that's how I heard another fellow did it - dunno about any of the specific guys in those pics. One guy I saw in a magazine years ago (RE/Search) had it done along with a number of piercings so that his cock(s) were connected to his tits with little chains and stuff - it was pretty impressive looking but totally out there. I mean, who the hell would want to sleep with... wait, I don't want to know.
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Wow...am I ever proud of the tools I have in my toolbox....

That was FUCKED UP!

Wonder how long this thread will last.


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why would you want to do that?

someone please explain it to me?

sure, i can understand wanting to be bigger. even wanting to be huge, like forearm huge....but that??

i dont get it.


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