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What new tracks are you all diggin?

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
I think this week was one of the best weeks (for me at least...) for pick up breaks. There have been so many wicked tracks released over the last month as well. So, I'm wondering - what tracks are people really feelin these days?

Personally, I'm feelin:

Meat Katie - Next Life (Kingsize)
EK - Raiders (sound not scene)
Hyper Tension - Drop Zone (Akademia)
Elite Force - Crew One (Moonshine)
Cass & Slide - All Freaks (Dark Globe remix) (Fire)
Rasoul - Oh Baby (Kerbcrawler remix) (Hooj Choons)
Kodiak - Schzapper (surround sound)
Garbage - Breaking up the Girl (Timo Maas dub) (Mushroom)

how bout y'all?
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"stoned" by disco assassins!

"europa" - chris carter

"triffid"- b.l.i.m. and rennie pilgrem "stoned" by disco assassins!
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I'm still stuck on Jaded Alliance - Wake Me (Koma & Bones Remix)
Words can't explain my love for that track
The flip is pretty good too
I'm also stuck on DJ Monk VS The Track Mack - Back To Tha Old Skool



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Addicted To Bass - Hyper - Bedrock
Unknown - Unknown - Black (yes a black label) *Snap's "i got the power" sample.
Funky Ass Beats - Krafty Kuts - White (but i think it came out on Against The Grain)
Souled Out - Simon Paul - Dub
Credentials - Mr Brown - Solid Vinyl

i think thats it.


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Sorry corrections are as follows....

Addicted to Bass - Hyper remix... *obviously*
Funky Ass Beats - on white, but not the same the Ed Solo rmx that came out.

There.... Dont wanna mis-inform anybody *rolleyes* hahaha



TRIBE Member
chris carter - europa (does anyone else wish he would have somehow brought the first melody back in somehow after the break?)
tiga and mateo murphy - dancing in berlin (dunno if it qualifies as breaks, but whatever...)
disco assassins - stoned
plump djs - big groovy fucker
meat katie - next life (got it today)


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Disco Assassins - Hook U Up (ATG) <-- (Have been diggiing this for months. Love how it climaxes from four-on-the-floor into breaks.)
Surya - Jamaican Alien 2002 (Moving Target)
Dark Globe & Boy George - Auto Erotic (Globocop Remix) (W9Y)
Layo & Bushwacka! - Let The Good Times Roll/ Shining Through (XL)
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Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
Lexicon, I took your advice and ordered that Surya record. It's pretty good. I'll add that to my list as well ;)

D-Monic, are you talkin bout that Proper Talent promo that just came out - "All Krew"? It's not bad. Downright funky.


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Originally posted by DJ Madhatter
D-Monic, are you talkin bout that Proper Talent promo that just came out - "All Krew"? It's not bad. Downright funky.

Yep, that's the one.