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What name do you wish your parents named you?


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I'll fuck you like I know you want it Smith
Jesus (hey-soos)
Thunderfuck Your Brains Out
Malcolm X
LeoNaardo DeCaprio Isabitch
Stop Bill C-10


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Originally posted by ~soulheaven~
wish, oh I wish they had named me 'FOTINI'. *rolls eyes*

Sounds like....sheep? =)


You'll rue the day you crosshed me, Gregory. Someone just a little jealous they're not the direct decendants of a mighty ancient civilization?

Fotini is fucking hardcore AND unique! Though the non-greek derivative Photine is soooo much better.



Originally posted by twist


Weird, I've never heard anyone use that but my best friend, who often addresses me as such in email. Pure jokes.

I was so paranoid about my middle name that in sixth grade I officially changed it to Christopher. Then in ninth grade I realized that my middle name was way better than Christopher, so I changed it back to what it was.


Uh, as an addendum to that last post, for the curious and such, my middle name is Torin.
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None of you guys mentioned the name KARIM!!! (Rhymes with Cream)

I used to hate my name (Karim) when I was a kid. People would call me:
-Ice Cream
-Creamed Corn
-Sour Cream and Onion
and my personal favorite
-Cream of some young guy

But after I grew (and I friggen grew to 6'5" tall) people stopped with the insulting names and started calling me other things
-Cream Budz
-Cream of the Crop
-Cream Pot
and what the ladies call me
-Cream Puff (although I am not fat)

(By the way, I'm not a stoner!)

What people get surprised most of by my name is that I am not black. In fact, I am as white as they come (blonde hair, blue eyes). People think of Kareem Abdul Jabbar when they hear my name and expect me to be black. Heh.

I always wondered what name would suit me and people said I look like a Craig.

Meh, my rambling is complete.

Cream Puff ;) and Point
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Darth Vader and hope that my parents would Copyright it.

I was born before the films. Could you imagine how much money I could have made making George Lucas pay me for licensing out my name?

From the Ministry of be richer than god

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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With a last name like mine.. "BRAIN"

I just am happy my parents never named me "Shiffer" or "Rusty" or something that goes pretty bad with my last name of "BRAIN"

Jay Brain