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What Makes you go out to a specific club?

Jon Tremblay

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Over the next few months, we will see new afterhours open up, and some current afterhours will revamp the clubs from ground up. So my questions is..what makes you attend your most frequent afterhours club, and what would you like to see happen to it or make you want to leave it.

For me...I can't mention the names of the clubs, but first and foremost, it's about the music on a crisp well rounded sound system and that's the one thing if anything I would change in most afterhour bars as some are just terrible. Having a wicked sound system, I want to hear dj's that are innovative, different from all the rest and deserving the booking (that doesn't mean to book only guests) The decor and layout should maximize the dance floor and be attractive to the eye, instead of a billion lights, screens with animated projections would be more attractive.As for the crowd, a non sausage fest, don't give a flying monkey piss about bad attitude dancing frenzy!
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I agree Jon, some things are about to change with a few new 'afterhours' opening in and about town.

What I look for...

I look for the DJs booked and/or residents. If I like them or have heard of them I will be sure to check them out.

I look for a vibe, a feel. I like a vibe where it is about the music and nothing else. This also includes the ppl who go there, are not there to just look pretty but are there to get down and dancing like a fiend, as for me I love to dance.

The sound system is very important, can't really dance if I don't feel the beat pulsating through my body.

Decor doesn't really matter much to me as do the things I mentioned above. I don't want lazers shooting here there and everywhere and blinding me to the point that I can't see who or what is in front of me. Some cool creative lighting is nice.
Animated projections are cool and nice to look at but not essential for me.

A non-sausage fest would be nice but once again not essential. I am there to dance and be with friends and not to meet my future boyfriend or husband. These things just seem to never work out :rolleyes:

A crowd that dances, and the more of them that hit the dancefloor and freely move to how the music guides their bodies if fine with me!



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A proper mixed crowd can often loosen up the vibe a bit, and attract more girls long term. This hasn't existed in Toronto since Industry, but looks like things are chasging for the better. TIme will tell.


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I thought a thread like this would pop up in the prog. room.

admitt it, you all like your healthy dose of hedeonism every now and then.
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Richard Raiban

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1 more thing...

the staff @ the club......if they are fuckin morons like most places then that turns me off in going to a club....why cant bouncers use their brains instead of their muscels.....no need to flex and push people around.....its PATHETIC!!!


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What I look for is the space they have in the place I love an open concept a good place to take a bad example is lotus that whole place is like a bloody hallway. I really believe that people like to have their dancing room on the floor and not be cramped. I think the interior design plays a huge role in putting an individual in a state of mind where they are comfortable and thus making an easier environment for them to have fun in.

The sound system and the Djs that come along with that sound system also is another thing I look for. I'm not to familiar with sound systems, but when I went to Boa I could really hear the differince from many of the clubs I've been too (and from what I heard they didn't even install the whole sound system). At an after hours I like to hear Djs that just pump out those hard driving tracks that keep you going.

The crowd for an after hours is always mixed, so what I look for in an after hours is people that like to shake their asses on the dance floor, and I would have to agree with Richard we need more ladies in da house! The staff plays a huge role too in having a great time at a club I think a great place with a great staff has to be “System” those guys fucking rock! And totally understand what people are there for.


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I DON'T LIKE SKETCHY heroin addicts littering the floor so i can trip over them while i'm having fun trying to dance. I like a mixed crowd not too much of one culture or gendre. sound is key. i like to feel safe at afterhours as well - knowing where i'm going has good security is KEY, especially when you hear about shit like someone getting shot in the head on the dancefloor at Gspot(not that i go there, but it's the principal). and i think a variety of musical styles makes a place interesting.


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Originally posted by todiefor
good security is KEY, especially when you hear about shit like someone getting shot in the head on the dancefloor at Gspot

but what does that mean exactly? more security? bigger guys? a nicer guy won't save you from getting shot. I just think that if you're going to get shot at a club, you either had it coming or you're really unlucky, then maybe you should never leave the house again.

Todiefor, what makes you feel unsafe at an afterhours? it's weird to me that you would say that, save for Comfort Zone maybe.


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I think what you say is true in most cases - people that get into trouble go looking for it. But I wouldn't want to be the guys standing beside the guy that got shot either. You are right though as well, pertaining to what type of afterhours I'm tlaking about and I guess I was thinking of some of the more sketchy places I've been too. I think that whatever makes a good after hours place is a combination of things and I think that System sounbar has done a pretty good job of bringing those things together - (although I would love it more than anything if system would spend the dough to upgrade their sound system). What makes good security? Well I have seen securty be very strict about the rules and still be congenial - that shows me that they take what they do - protecting - seriously, but they have a degree of respect for their patrons because they don't act like dickheads to us. Maybe it's just in my head I think it's been said before that security adds to the vibe a place has.

Otherwise I also like an open concept but for all the complaining people do about Lotus, I kind of think it's interesting and a little more fun going to a place that has different rooms, and feels sort of like a maze - although that said, I wouldn't want to be in that sort of design when the place was so crowded that you couldn't even move.
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I love clubs that draw people who are there because they love the djs and are there to dance.

the sound and decor, lighting, etc., all enchance the experience but for me the people are the most important factor.


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- first and foremost - the DJ. i'll go see anyone anywhere if i like them enough. this is totally the most important thing for me.

- crowd - non-sketchy/cracked out/creepy, fun, mixed, friendly...like at boa on sat ;) and no floor-sitters or glowsticks please, thanks.

- soundsystem

- space to dance so that everyone is not all crammed in the club like sardines (then i don't have to get all bitchy.)

- ooooh and functioning air conditioning in the summer! sweating is not something i enjoy.


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Originally posted by Lainey
I love clubs that draw people who are there because they love the djs and are there to dance.

the sound and decor, lighting, etc., all enchance the experience but for me the people are the most important factor.

do i know you? :)
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why i go back to the klubs i like:

-Dj's that play their genre with style..
-Good crowd (mixed male+female, people who are into the music, let loose vibe)
- Soundsystem for sure ( the better it is the more hyped it get) heheh
-An inviting dancefloor and visually pleasing space.
-Non expensive door cover


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i see some common themes coming up in this thread and i pretty much agree with all of them... i'm not gonna lie, i'm not all that picky and usually the DJ playing is the primary reason for me to go out somewhere...

however some other nice advantages include:

1. space to dance
2. good air ventilation (i can't stand being crammed between bodies in hot stuffy air... ugh!)
3. powerful, yet clear sound system
4. crowd (good looking women are always appreciated but more importantly i'm just looking to be around people who are out for the same reason as myself... to party, dance, enjoy the music and have an overall good time)
5. i personally prefer nicer looking clubs as i'm not a huge fan of dirt holes... cause with dirt holes usually comes hot stuffy air and staff that doesn't give a rats ass about their patrons...
6. considerate staff
7. i personally like flashy lights, lasers and animated screens but they're not mandatory...

one thing i can say i honestly don't care about is cover charge and drink prices... obviously it's nice to not have to clean out my bank account in a single night but if i walk out of the club the following morning satisfied with the night then the amount of $ i spent doesn't bother me whatsoever
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1) The Music
2) The Vibe (Don't want to be around too many muscle heads or gino's)
3) The Sound System (if System had a kick ass sound system I woud live there. hint, hint... Can't wait to hear Boa's system)
4) Dance Space (need room to shake my booty. I hear the dance floor for at Boa was really accomodating)


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i think last night at system captured all the elements of why i enjoy going to this club...great staff, friendly faces & everyone out having a great time...


ps it does sound like boa is doing it right too...which only makes the afterhours scene in this city stronger...


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Good DJ and room to groove

I used to think I could go to any venue to see a good DJ, but even Digweed couldn't make up for the terrible layout at Lotus, that place is simply ridiculous.

As long as I'm surrounded by good company, great music, and some room to shake my booty I can pretty much endure any other incidents that may arrise; I've so far been able to ignore the unfavourable characters at Guv/Koolhaus so I think I can handle any other place, just keep playing those beautiful beats! :eek:
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