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What makes you dance?

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Originally posted by mingster
a little bit of water on the floor can help alot too.
Oh yeah, it's great, especially when it's my ass that hits the ground after sliding on it. Do you bring a whistle to your dancefloors too?
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Originally posted by The Tesseract
Happyhardcore = kicking like your happy, stomping like you're pissed and punching at the air like you're gay.... all at the same time!


So what makes me dance to these genres? It all depends on how good the tracks are, and how good the DJ is at mixing and blending them.


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this weekend, for example at fukhouse, the floor was so sticky, there was no dancing to be had.

so i spilled a bit of my water bottle on the floor and BAM! insta-groove.
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funky riddims, especially breakbeats.

a typical night out starts with me grabbing a drink and looking for a groove. It really doesn't matter what kind of music the DJ is playing, either. I might spend an hour just bobbing my head and wiggling my butt, or maybe just 5 minutes.

Then suddenly... BAM! even just the slightest hint of a break, and my feet are moving. But that's just the beginning, because once that bassline hits, I get like a dynamo. ;) (if you've ever been dancing with me, you've probably been a victim of more than one hip-check)

I distinctly recall learning to dance to jungle one night while listening to Capital J. I'd always liked it, and I could move my butt around, but something clicked that night in my head -- "The beat is your feet and your body is the bass" -- and that's been my dancing MO ever since.

I'm rambling again... mostly because I keep getting distracted by this Eric Davenport tape and feel the need to dance. :D


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Nothing gets me moving quite like a breakbeat does.

Failing that, a 6'er of carlsberg before a night out will do the trick to ;)
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Subsonic Chronic

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ooooh man... i can be in just about any non-dancing kind of mood, hear just a hint of psy-trance (i can pick it up from miles away!) and all of a sudden be in a mad dancing mood.

Om festival brought this out in me SOOOOO heavily. I spent hours at the BLA stage just stomping around and enjoying myself like I can't do to any other kind of music.

weed also helps but certainly isn't as essential a component as the psy-trance.


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-excess energy

Not necessarily in that order of chronology or importance.

Bass is important. Build is important, I kinda have to feel like I'm going somewhere, ya know? I like house, but I don't dance much at house nights, cause I feel like I'm kinda just standing there wiggling my butt, not GOING anywhere.

Not to technical, but I'm not sure what popping nad locking and all that stuff is. Is that a special raver dance Tess--can I call you Tess? :D--or is that just the names for stuff we all do when we move it anyway?


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I found when I did pills briefly, I barely danced compared to what I do when I'm totally sober.

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