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What makes you dance?


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Originally posted by mingster
being able to put my hands together helps too.

like at the top of a build-up if i an clap my hands a few times, it really helps me pick up the beat.
damn skippy. it works wonders for the people around as well.


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Originally posted by AdRiaN
It's not so much about bpms. The ass-shaking is more about having proper off-beat elements in the music ... such as bassline and hi-hats.
syncopation, shuffle, etc.. but I was just trying to allude to hosue music. :D
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1. Energy and connection to the music.
2. Breaks, Tech House and trance
3. Lack of traditional intrumentals (ie- saxaphone)
4. Booze and/or Durgs

I can pretty much dance to anything as long as it has a certain "punchy" quality.


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Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
*remembers why he doesn't post threads which warrant thoughtful replies*
It's just dancing - people are being honest and/or to the point. No need to write an essay on it. Maybe thats it - you take it too seriously and have forgotten that it is supposed to simply be fun, instead of some highbrow reaction to music that you find to be worthy of moving to?

When I used to dance alot, I could dance to anything. It often required forcing myself at first, but once I got going then I could just keep going.

I think some of it has to do with self-consciousness as well. There is a weird thing in the Toronto scene about being an amazing dancer (usually by copying a popular style and doing it bang on). I think that if you don't fit into what is supposedly "good dancing", that there could possibly be a sense of people watching you and judging you.
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lol @ diwc.

and bbb my post was mostly serious. its just energy, personal response to the music and mood.

smack my bitch up always makes me dance.


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Other people can make or break a night of dancing for me. If there is someone there feeling the vibe and giving off energy, it gets me going. A lot of the time, the point of focus is the dj - if the person up there playing the records is loving what they play, and showing it, it creates a vibe like no other. This is one of the reasons I love good'ol Donald Glaude.
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa

squirrels in my pants
It is illegal to put squirrels in your pants for the purposes of gambling.............................and dancing.


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it's usually a combination of the company, the music, and my mood. most nights i'm out they meld well, but i've had nights when even one of those elements was out of whack and my groovability fell to the wayside.
and i dance more when i'm sober. kind of the opposite of most people that way i guess.
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The Essential mix from 2002 with James holden..take my word for it or pull it from the web...my wife and I just got chills from how up lifting it is.

The Tesseract

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I was blessed with a strange ability to dance somewhat horribly well.

I find that one must adopt a style to each type of music

Trance = liquid + pop + locking
Techno = liquid + stomping or grinding(for dirty tech) - maybe headbanging if it's good techno.
Breaks = Pop+locking + breaking (duh)
Jungle = tech/kickstepping
hardcore = stomping around like you're pissed
Happyhardcore = kicking like your happy, stomping like you're pissed and punching at the air like you're gay.... all at the same time!
Psytrance = extreme liquid (more open body movement)

So what makes me dance to these genres? It all depends on how good the tracks are, and how good the DJ is at mixing and blending them.
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