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What kind of synth does Underworld use?

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by I-Drop, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. I-Drop

    I-Drop TRIBE Member

    I picked up an old underworld EP (9 tracks, unmixed, $10! :D )
    today, and realized that it pretty much the same style of synth in every song

    what kind is that? has anyone else noticed this too?
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Is that the Pearl's Girl EP of which you speaketh?

    I dunno about their synth, but I chime in whenever anyone mentions my favorite musical group ever.
  3. dsp909

    dsp909 TRIBE Member

  4. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    if you paid 10$s for pearls girl ep then you got ripped off
    cauie thats how much it was selling for when initially released

    but then agian its underworld, and its only !4 / song so still nto bad

  5. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    !4 = 1$

    damn shift key

  6. I-Drop

    I-Drop TRIBE Member

    damn.. oh well.. ive paid more money for worse cds :)
    (ex. Tea Party Transmission)
    and i actually forced myself to listen to the whole thing
    :( :( :(

    picked up that and the born slippey single

    wanted to hear those other versions

    2nd one is pretty cool
  7. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    which release for born slippy??

    the blue wash one with 6 remixes + dark train & banstyle (alex reece mix) or the b&w one with a picture of a tractor lawnmower thing on the cover??

    or the blue wash one that comes in a digi pack and is a double cd??? (whats on that 2nd cd!?)

  8. I-Drop

    I-Drop TRIBE Member

    the blue wash one... but it was only the single cd version :(
  9. -Mercury-

    -Mercury- TRIBE Member

    I remember when I first found Rez on vinyl. I came home and played the hell out of it. I must have played it every day for a few weeks. :D

    It's still one of my favorites .
  10. dsp909

    dsp909 TRIBE Member

    I'm still like that with my copy of moaner.

    I can't get enough of that track.
  11. Deus

    Deus TRIBE Member

    They have some nice gear
  12. Che

    Che TRIBE Member

    I just bought the Beaucoup Fish Album on vinyl. Boy am I a happy camper
  13. zoo

    zoo TRIBE Member

    push downstairs is one of my favorite songs ever
  14. I-Drop

    I-Drop TRIBE Member

    kittens is my favorite track on baucoup fish
  15. -ravetrash-

    -ravetrash- TRIBE Member

    Re: Re: What kind of synth does Underworld use?

    I must agree with you. I saw them live when they were at the warehouse in 2000. At least I think it was 2000. Anyhow, I was front row centre the whole time. Greatest concert ever. The live version of Rowla they did was quite possibly the most incredible thing I've ever heard.
  16. I-Drop

    I-Drop TRIBE Member

    speaking of Kittens, i think that track in particular showcases alot of the elements that would become poplular in tribal and progressive over the next few years..

    which is cool
  17. xtollo

    xtollo TRIBE Member

    I totally agree, and I think Max Graham would too!
  18. Bass-Invader

    Bass-Invader TRIBE Member

    that was definitley my fav off that album.

    plus, i do like real kittens very much.
  19. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    i like puppies

    does no one else like puppies?

  20. choko

    choko TRIBE Member

    the original of cups samples "break for love"

    and something like a mama was my fave from beaucoup fish.

    still think that the tin there mix of pearl's girl is one of their best releases though...
  21. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    ^^^have you heard the original tin there?

  22. vench

    vench TRIBE Promoter


    finally learned how to properly post pics.....

  23. Access

    Access TRIBE Member

    when are they gonna put out new stuff??

    it's been too long already

    oh and the last track on beucoup fish is wicked too, called 'moaner.' wicked song
  24. vench

    vench TRIBE Promoter

    I still love that remix that Dave Clarke did a few years ago of "King of Snake" - wicked.

    shake that ass.....

  25. Plato

    Plato TRIBE Member

    access, underworld disbanded (kindof) when emmerson left the trio.
    hyde & smith havent put out any indication that they are working on new material or looking for a new band mate.

    we'll just have to be patient.

    i guess dj ho's were more tempting to darren than concert groupies.


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