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What is your ultimate concert???


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Well it isn't Coldcut.... but Ninjatune is in TO on Saturday November 1 @ the El Mocambo

aka - DJ Vadim and Russian Percussion, live :D

Or the 2nd in Guelph!


Also some Kid Koala endorsed short film fest!

Originally posted by dj frigid
Ninjatune deserves its own stage alone.

To whomever brings Coldcut back to Toronto, I will give you my soul.


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I had the opportunity to see him back in april was it? Something important came up, unfortunately.

Last time Dj Dan was playing @ system, my buddy was telling me inside that Dj Shadow (I think) was playing in Toronto the same night. He told me that he had just found this out the night of. Man was I pissed. I couldn't remember the venue he told me, but I think it was Opera House.


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Beastie Boys
Del the Funky Homosapien
DJ Shadow

Janes Addiction
Screaming Trees

Kruder and Dorfmeister
James Zabiela
Steve Bug


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Originally posted by Beats
Biggie Smalls vs. 2Pac (circa '96)
KRS-One and BDP
Too Short vs. Snoop (battle of the P.I.M.P)

Big could actually freestyle, 2Pac couldn't write, or freestyle. It would be boring.

Todd Shaw is the original pimp. Snoop wouldn't have a chance.


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Off the top o' my head;

The Clash
The Pixies(around Doolittle time)
Op Ivy
Face To Face
Strung Out
Me, Mom and Morgentaler(any freakin time!)

...and others
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Re: ninjatune

Originally posted by klaarwater aka - DJ Vadim and Russian Percussion, live

They were in Peterborough in April-ish, and Amon Tobin a few weeks before. Both excellent shows but I haven't seen Coldcut for years! They put on a great show then, and I imagine it'll be even better now (if possible?).

I guess I never really got to my Dream/ultimate Concert.

I'm not going to break it down, just throw 'em all in (in no order) and see who comes out alive!

David Bowie
Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies
Smackin' Isaiah aka Wilhelm Scream
Black Flag (with Rollins)
Big Wig
The Clash
Public Image Limited
UNKLE (With separate shows by DJ Shadow and James Lavelle)
Beastie Boys (with Hurricane and Mix Master Mike)
Tribe Called Quest
De La Soul
Elvis Costello
Mos Def & Talib Kweli

There's lots more, but it's starting to get ridiculous