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What is wrong with this banner

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Taken from Torontonightclub.com


Syntax Error

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i think the problem with it is that it is a non-descriptive little red x,
it gives no information about what the banner is trying to represent.

but that's just what i think!


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You must turn up the volume.

And stare at the banner for about 2 minutes.


Ambulance service is 911
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lol @ the answers!

Actually this is what I think is wrong:

This would be the answer to the Gino factor @ Tonic last week.

Why is it that Jimmy Lightning is hosting Wednesdays @ Tonic?

This just stinks of Parasuco and Modified Honda's!


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Originally posted by kodos
who the fuck is jimmy lightning and why does anyone care?

relax there buddy he's related to Jonny Thunder and son of Vito Hurricane who is the son of Gorilla Monsoon....

the reason we care...........well we really don't he's an attention whore like Pronstar (RIP):D



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jimmy has been associated with tonic for a long time

i have his voice talking all over my paul oakenfold tape from FTWK live to air on 100.7 from dec 01, 99
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he's the owner of Tonic... Some friends who were @ tonic a while back saw Jimmy get into an arguement with some girl over who knows what... she was really tearing into him, so he ups and slaps her across the face, then the bouncers come along and drag her out.... pure class :D

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^^^^ Nice story!

Honestly I have no idea who he is I just find it strang to have him associated with Barry Weaver.

But now you have answerd my question!