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what is this mental disorder?


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there has been a woman comming about 2 times a day to my work for the past two weeks now.
it seems she goes around to tuxedo stores and collects catolouges.

she also appears to have a crush on my manager and is convinced they are together. when he isnt there she gets really REALLY dissapointed and begins stamping her feet and whining that he shoudl be there.

she keeps thinking she has a tux ordered and she wants him to try it on. shes oredered nothing, of course.

once, when i was stalling her so security could escort her out (after a day when i just coudlnt handle her on top of everything else happening that day) i asked her her phone number and name so my manager could get a hold of her, here is what she gave me--

# - 635-64335
name - hrnrnrnnrnnrnnn

she then began rambling about some friend. or maybe the manager. or something. i dont know, i askedher "his" name


i think the name was something like roger or whatnot. thats obviously not roger.

delusional hysterical obsessive compulsive with dyslexcia?

i feel sad when i see her though, cause i dont know if shes getting help, and it looks like every day that passes she gets progressively worse. my co workers say you cant admit someone into a mental health facility without their consent, so its not like we can call someone for help, other than security. and they're not even allowed to touch people.

in other "interesting loonie" news, we're trying to talk to the crazy clean kid who frequents the mall and our store (5 times in one day! for 40 minute visits!) to find out what his name is and if he has a place to live (obviously he does, his clothes is always clean, he's usually clean shaven, he doesnt look like a dirty vagrant), or just talk about random randomness, but he usually trails off, mumbles something to himself and then giggles and goes off on his way when you say anything to him or ask him a question.



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right, forgot to fit in the schizophrenia into my diagnosis.

actually, that does make a lot of sense now doesnt it?
they do the weird writting thing too dont they?

"an N, and R, another R, another N, two N's, another N..."

and so on...