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What is the sluttiest thing you've ever done?


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Judging by the amount of page views...there are a lot of curious people and a lot of *almost posters* :D lol!!!


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God, I am such a prude. My gf and I sex in an alley on the way home from the bar last year.

Yaaaaa Me!!

terrawrist III

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Originally posted by KillaLadY
LOL yay!
It's cool though, I enjoyed it while I could, then I stopped and I am a good girl now.
And yes, I got checked.
why stop!!??

I was just sayin' it's a wee bit whorish for a high svhool girl

nice to see a slutty chick admit shit like that... :)

Boss Hog

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oh for fuck

WHERE'S THE SLUTS? You can hide but you can't hide forever!

If a hotdog flies down a hallway in the forest, does anybody hear?


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Originally posted by KillaLadY
I bet you can't beat this one.

High School years: I slept with 4 guys in the same day... not at the same time, one after another. 4 friends, 2 were best friends... AND it was on Valentine's Day and they had no idea about it until 4 months after.
Killa Beava

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Originally posted by terrawrist III

I want some serious slutty stories...this canadian idol isn't cutting it

hey killalady wanna fuck?:D

word up I'm in. That's two.

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Originally posted by terrawrist III
im taking the butt dude!...you can stick with the looser one

okay im going too far!:)
DVDA dude. Nothing is loose. And if it is you're in the wrooooong motel room.


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Originally posted by KillaLadY
I would fuck everybody here on Tribe if I wasn't involved.

Why not? Sex is good, especially anal.

:eek: shall i start an "EMPTY YOUR PM BOX, KillaLadY" thread? i mean, you're gonna need one in like, 5.....4.....3....2...1..


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Originally posted by Jeffsus
I wouldn't even know where to begin....

But, I can end by saying that, recently, I have been doing a much better job of appearing to be a moral, responsible, and upstanding citizen. Those who were to meet me now would have no inkling of my sordid and colourful past.

You too, huh? Want to start a support group?


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wait a sec Lysistrata is missing from this thread. She's a self-proclaimed slut. Maybe she'll have some savoury stories.