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What is the fastest way to get to humber-north campus

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there is no fast way my friend - it is far
I used to go to york mills and take the bus - it was like an hour bus ride
thats the only way i know


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Fastest way by TTC?

I know the fastest way to by Go Bus... took the subway to Yorkdale then take the Brampton via Hwy 27 Go Bus.
That's what I take when I go there.

But if you only want by TTC, then... Dundas West and what?
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Oh okay...
Well, if you only want to take TTC... Get off Kipling Station and take route 46, that will take you up to the college, but it will take a long time. Route 191A will take you right in front of the college and that will be a little bit faster than the 46.

There is the 96 route, which you can take from Wilson Station, but that would mean you have to take the subway all the way up to Wilson station and if you do that you might as well get off Yorkdale instead and take the Go bus.

The best way is to take the go bus, but if you are limited to TTC, that is the fastest way to do it, take 191A, which is the Humber Express bus... it's not really that express, but...