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What is the difference between a first generation i5 CPU and third generation i5 CPU?


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I am looking at some notebooks with Intel i5 CPUs in them. Some have forst gereation i5 CPUs, some have third generation i5 CPUs. WHat is the difference?


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In day-to-day use you probably won't notice that much.

But power savings did increase w/ each gen. So a later-gen i5 might get you a longer battery life - of course this asssumes all else being equal, some vendors will soup up other hardware in the laptop so the excess power savings are put to use (higher ghz frequency, more I/O options on the boards, etc) instead of put to longer battery life.

Probably its a good rule of thumb to always get the latest when you can afford it.


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Oh ya and part of the power savings come from the CPUs being able to get into low-power states easier but they also get into higher-power states and a later gen i5 will have a better ability to "boost" to a higher frequency when workloads demand... so you get a better low and top-end in the later gen i5s - that and the on-die GPUs are a lot better in the most recent i5s (still not great for enthusiast gamers, but good for non-hardcore gamers!)