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What is Popping and Locking?

Hawk Eye

TRIBE Member
I've been searching on the net for hours trying to find the definition bc I need it for my paper and I can't explain what it is. Does anyone know?
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Hawk Eye

TRIBE Member
yeah but i need the definition.
I swear i've looked everywhere so i used this as a last resort. I figured someone might know!!

jus me

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It's isolating muscles of the body, tensing them up and then loosening them in a sequence. Creating the illusion of robotic movements?

^^^ that's my definition

my friend says: the foundation is the 'pop'. that comes form tensing your chest and arms
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Hawk Eye

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Thanks that's a good defintion.

I knew what it was I just couldn't explain it. I just feel overwhelmed. I need it for my music and society class. Presentation on Tuesday. I've been doing this paper all weekend.

jus me

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try to do some moves!


what about "the wave"? that's easy....

i have some popping videos too i took during a battle if you want.


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speaking of popping, here are a few links where you get to see actual popping move in video clip.




sorry, i must get going, so i can not find a site that had a well described definition of popping and locking.

but ange's description on popping seems appropriate.
locking--remember the 80s hip hop move and posing.. lol that is all i can say.

oh yeah, ange. pls share some of the photos that you took from Jay-J's event. i decided to actually update my web site...blehhh :)

talk to you guys laterrr (hopefully i can still find the site for ya)

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urban dictionary

poppin n lockin*

urban dance style associated with breakdancing, other forms include up rockin, down rockin etc...

usually limited to upper torso. including wave like staccato movements of the arms and sliding the feet. similar to the the robot.

yo dat nigga trey got mad skillz, poppin n lockin like a true bboy, old skool fo shizil

*not my definition
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Galactic Phantom

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The Kid

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Popping and locking was to the west coast what B-boys/B-Girls (breaks boys, breaks girls) from NYC were to breaking. The creator of popping and boogaloo styles is Boogaloo Sam, founder of the crew the Electric Boogaloos.

See this website for more info., videos, articles, etc.

Keep the funk alive!


le kidski
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Originally posted by defazman
May I ask what course you are in that you are writing a paper on breakdancing?

ask not why! all i know is that i really want to read this paper when she's done. Hawkeye please post it once it's finished!