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~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~


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*Sis&I are buying tickets for Swan Lake for my mother's birthday.

*I finally might have accomplished my dream of owning a MAC [mini]

*I've found the perfect itinerary for a wedding in Thailand 2014
*[yyz- dulles - japan - thailand ]

*Ophidian's new album is coming out in 7 days

--// super high vibrations baby //---


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RedBull 3style tonight at the Danforth Music Hall. Ali Shaheed Muhammad from ATCQ and DJ Maseo from De La Soul. Its going to be epic. Finals are on Saturday.

I hope one of the competing DJ's drop Biggies Ten Crack Commandments.


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We started a wednesday individual co-ed soccer team this year as a get away from our standard team, in which we've all started as individuals at the same small gym 5 years ago, and fast forward to today's Monday's (bigger fields) we're a well oiled machine, and we do well. All known eachother for years now.

Now we're meeting new folks, and the first few games we got beat. But such tremendous talent on this team is coming to fruition tonight.

Went down 2 nill to the start and came back 3-2, they go up 4-3. Last minute we tie it up. Can't beat that kind of vibe.

Individual signups are splendid at times, you get rammed with a bunch of strangers, and watch how that core stays together for years.

I also launched my web application at work today. Man people are never satisfied. Hire a god damn QA department, and don't let clients figure shit out.

The Kid

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My cat and our new kitten are getting along famously... that makes me very happy, damn are they ever cute together!



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I sold one of my finds (a platinum diamond ring) and paid off all the bills for the house down here for an entire year!


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This cup of coffee and Rich Hope's Classic House Megamix on SC.

Man have I ever gotta figure out some way of getting my S2 on my desk. So many times I just get the hankering to fuck around with some tunes.


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Amazing Morning! Cleaned the house, and have a few pints in me already.

Last night the sky was red from the spring sun. The sun is hot today.

Clocks going forward or reverse. I don't fucking know.

My old job looks like it's happening. They're putting an offer together, and I start in a week. Not official yet though. Knock on wood.

Back with my old friends, and working on the systems I developed.

Indeed, this is a good day.