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~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~


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It's Friday
Chris Cornell is performing at my work tonight and I just saw the setlist
Chatting about taking an exotic trip with a friend
The video I made of Simon Pegg yesterday that I hope will cheer up my friend who's a fan and going through a rough time
Friending my hilarious cousins on Facebook


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- Settling into my new place
- Recently becoming debt-free
- Summer is just around the corner
- Just bought a new laptop


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I'm going to go eat Tacos and drink mad coronas with Killalady and Mar Farina is tomorrow and I can't wait to boooogie

You got to get down on it!!


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finishing school tomorrow... for GOOD! yippeeee!
a fantastic weekend ahead with lots of great music and friends!
a productive work week and a boss who thinks I'm amazing
my beautiful, clean house
2 hot boys at my beck and bootycall (hee)
opening up the cottage is around the corner!

lots and lots to be happy *and* grateful for.... YAY


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- The thought of spending the evening with a newish friend who is both fun and calming is what's getting me through today. I love getting to know new people.
- Having lunch today with mr stir-fry made me happy! Our lunches are the only thing I'll miss whenever I leave this godforsaken 'burb.


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Also my balls. For some reason my bag is unusually loose today. OH GOD I'M GETTING OLD MANBAG. Okay, that is not making me happy.

Big Harv

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knowing that i will be in attendance for the first raptors home playoff game and that there is a chance it might be against wince and the nets, which would be an atmosphere more intense than any wrestlemania main event...even vince mcmahon couldn't have scripted a better showdown.


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Moe said:
I'm going to go eat Tacos and drink mad coronas with Killalady and Mar Farina is tomorrow and I can't wait to boooogie

You got to get down on it!!
And weed - don't forget WEED!


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i was actually searching for the 'happy songs' thread to post something up and saw this. coincidence?

archie bell & the drells - 'tighten up'

just heard it again and realized it ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.



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It's Friday.
The computer system is back at work after being down for 2 weeks.
I just picked up a bag of sticky icky icky.
It's payday at both jobs (only happens twice a year!)
It's gorgeous out.


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I just got my industry pass for hotdocs next week as well invites to all the parties!!!

I'm so stoked to be able to see as many docs as possible (I have 15 scheduled so far) but even more stoked to be able to do workshops with highly respected producers and film makers from around the world.