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what is going on here


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alright, having a huge e flashback right now, and all i did was have a cup of coffee in the morning.

WTF, why doesn't this happen every day!

haha, this thread is ghey

but it's fuck funny
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Originally posted by defazman
We've switched vinder's regular brand with new Folger's MDMA brand. Let's see if he notices.....
I have this mental image of vinder using a glowstick to stir his coffee.
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vinder, since you've been depriving your brain of it's vitamins...it's trying to recreate the effect on it's own. poor, poor little brain. saddest story ever.

don't forget!
10:15: light show in the projection room


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When we go partying in the winter I like to get a nice double double from TH and leave it in the car. Then on the ride back home, you have a delicious, very cold and sweet drink to enjoy.
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders