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What is goin' down Easter Weekend in MTL

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What he said....the only place to be in mtl that weekend...

Lineup is something like this:

Deep Dish
David Guetta
Peter Rauhofer
Stephan Grondin
Danny Torrence

Trance Room:

Armin Van Buuren
Infected Mushroom
Nic Fanciulli


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That lineup does nothing for me.

Preach would be aiiiiiight, but I don't think a BIG party is in order.

Plus, don't people prick you AIDS needles at those things?


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Yeah I know what you mean, not a huge fan of that lineup either i like my music a lot deeper and funkier than that usually..

I'm not gonna be in town so i can't be there but if i were i'd still hit Bal en Blanc despite the lineup...such a huge party, massive production and decor, tons of beautiful people...i can't help but have a good time there.
Tickets are pricey though around 100$...if you do decide to go get tix early.

It'll be a big weekend there's bound to be plenty to do.. you can always check here:

www.ravemontreal.com <-check the messageboard mostly french tho..
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Looks like the trip is still a go.

Any new developments? Where are some cheap accomodations that are in a good location??
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