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What is a Rave (a definition for outsiders)

Mark McC

TRIBE Member
the following is a revised version of the "definition of a rave" as drafted by Don Berns and Mark McC:

In general, a rave is a dance party in which all of the participants experience a sense of community through music, dancing and camaraderie with others. The rave community embodies humankind's essential need for social bonding, belonging and celebration. Ravers ignore age, class, race and sexual boundaries and foster a non-discriminatory, positive attitude of peace, love, unity and respect that carries over into the participants' day-to-day lives.
People attend raves to enjoy a kind of music they can call their own -- a new style of electronic dance music that may contain few or no lyrics and thus cross language barriers and unite people all over the world under a common language of rhythm and melody.
Because many of the artists who make this electronic dance music do so anonymously, the DJs who play the music have in many cases become the artists: drawing crowds just like traditional musicians do when they play concerts. In fact, many DJs have international followings who turn out to see them in numbers often as big as or bigger than those commanded by most rock stars.