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What instruments do you know how to play?


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And for how long?
And can you still play them?


I've been wanting to get back into playing again.
I am a big fan of playing jazz and I am intending on getting some vocal training.


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Hammer Dulcimer (It's a Ukranian thing....)


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Ohhmy where do i begin

I can play the baritone , tuba , tenor sax , trumpet , I attempted the trombone ,i am learning the guitar right now .
I can still play all the brass somewhat . Woudl love to start playign again and joining a band where and when ???



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I played the tenor sax for about 8 - 9 years when I was in school. It's been a while (6+ years) since I played, but I bet I could could pick it up again fairly quickly with some practice.


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I used to play guitar semi-professionally, and can still play.
I'll never do the band thing again tho' -- musicians are notoriously unreliable :D


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Originally posted by starr
piano and flute (not a skin flute :p)
although i can't remember the flute at all

so just piano

me too.

my dad is a musician (piano/organ/synthesizer) so we got pushed into it to see if we inherited the talent.


i can still play stuff on the piano though.

Hawk Eye

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i used to play the clarinet in school
i used to play my electric guitar
I want to get back into it again but i have to buy some strings and tune it and i dont know how to tune :(


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Originally posted by sk8
my dad is a musician (piano/organ/synthesizer) so we got pushed into it to see if we inherited the talent.

yeah i got pushed into it because all "ladies" should know how to play an instrument

glad i know how to play a little, but i never had the talent or heart for it

i liked playing, but i knew it wasn't my calling or whatever....of course i only figured that out after my parents bought me a piano :)


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Drums/perc, Trumpet, saxamaphone, Violin/viola, some piano some guitar/bass, steel Pan (played in carribanna a few times and was apart of the best steel band arrangement in toronto)
umm some other stuff as well..but sight reading is still tough for me


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Piano - lessons and all that formal RCM stuff for about 9 years as a kid, I still play pretty decent

Guitar - picked up in grade 9 cause it was "cool", i can play alright, never had any formal teaching though...but I think having the ear training/technique when I was young helped me out a lot

Recorder - elementary school, does this still count :p I don't have one anymore but I still remeber all the figer positions

Alto saxaphone- high school and Jr high. I was really good, my parents were going to buy me one, but changed their mind...and yes I went to band camp - lol

Clarinet - 2 years before the sax, my music teacher wouldnt let anyone start on sax cause she said it promotes crappy ombotoure(sp?) anyway it's crappy mouth positioning

Turntables - just started so I kind of suck- need more loot so I can get my own - we'll see where it goes

Future plans - when I get a new comp i'm gonna dabble in some computering music stuff.